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Why BJP Admits All?

Why BJP Admits All?

Did it ever occur to you why the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) admits all and sundry? The party knows for sure that the master turncoat Abdullakutty will not fetch it any vote, either in Kerala or elsewhere. There was another person from Kerala Tom Vadakkan who was admitted into the party and fielded from Kollam. Later, realisation dawned on the party that it would lose, not gain, votes by fielding him. He was soon replaced by another. In doing so, the party could retain at least its traditional votes. Till today, I have not come across a single case of the BJP denying admission to any person.

The classic case is that of Sukh Ram, a Union minister for  Telecommunications from Himachal Pradesh from whose Pooja room at his official residence in Delhi wads of currency notes worth several crores of rupees were confiscated. The BJP had not allowed the functioning of Parliament for several months in the name of fighting corruption.

Yet, the party cared two hoots for its image when Sukh Ram was given membership of the party. Thereafter, the party never mentioned the corruption that happened with Sukh Ram’s blessing. His son is now a minister in the hill state. In fact, the BJP is the only party which accommodates all those rejected by other parties. It does not matter whether he is a criminal or a rioter or a carpetbagger. It is the only party where admission is possible by sending an SMS. 

Since the party is in power at the Centre and in many states, many consider it advantageous to join the BJP. Like the Telugu Desam members of the Rajya Sabha. One of them was facing an inquiry by the Enforcement Directorate. In fact, there was a raid on his house. Yet, he was warmly welcomed into the party by no less a person than Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

At the rate at which rats are jumping onto the BJP deck, it looks like the party would soon have a majority in the Rajya Sabha. The BJP does not consider it unethical to allow the Congress Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra to not only join the BJP but also become a minister. In sharp contrast, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said recently that the CPM was not a party which would give sanctuary to all the jetsam and flotsam. Consider the fact that the CPM has been losing its cadres like the houses that had been washed away by the great floods in Kerala last year.

Why do two cadre-based parties have totally contrasting approaches to granting admission? Right now, the BJP is busy admitting members, irrespective of their past conduct or affiliations. Everyone can join the BJP. I do not know how many of my readers had listened to Modi when he addressed all the newly-elected BJP MPs in the Parliament House. That is when, like a megalomaniac, he said that in the 2019 election, he had no rival except himself. He was merely trying to improve his own performance in 2014.

Modi made a very significant statement. He said he wanted to have the support of not only those who voted for him but also those who did not vote for him. He said he would strive to win the support of those who opposed him in the elections as well. Many saw his statement as a great sign of his democratic credentials.  Modi is so crooked that when he offers sympathy to the Muslim victims of riots, the metaphor he uses is a puppy that accidentally comes under the wheels of a car. He cannot even offer straight-forward condolences to the family of a Muslim youth who was lynched in Jharkhand. What worries him is that the state is criticised for the killing. Can crookedness be more explicit?

Here is a Prime Minister who wants to win the sympathy of even his critics! What a great democracy! Whoever thought so did not understand either Modi or the ideology that propelled him to reach his coveted position. Did it ever occur to you why the BJP is the only party which wants a Congress-mukt Bharat? Has anyone heard Donald Trump, whose competence to rule is as good as Modi’s, saying that he wants a Democrats-free United States of America? Nowhere else does a political party coin such a slogan. If Modi and his Sancho Panza have given such a slogan, there is a reason for it. That will take us to an event that happened somewhere in Nagpur in 1925.

That was the year in which the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was formed. It may have collaborated with the British and it may have written cringing letters of support to Indira Gandhi during the Emergency but it had never compromised on its objectives. Today the RSS has 57,000 Shakhas and nearly 7 lakh members. Those who have wielded its lathi to break imaginary skulls are in positions of power from Rashtrapati Bhavan to Raj Bhavans and state secretariats. Now we know that it was not the Indian Air Force but the intelligence authorities who organised the Balakot strike. The judiciary and the armed forces are the two wings of the government where the RSS does not have much influence.

The decision to have non-IAS personnel to man 40 per cent of administrative posts is aimed at making administration an instrument of the RSS. Army officers have already started speaking like politicians. Judges who believe that peacocks and peahens do not procreate through sex are now bolder to express their opinions. There are also judges who say that if they were dictators they would have made the Bhagavat Gita a compulsory text in schools and colleges. Such characters have been coming out of the woodworks.

Ask any RSS leader and he will tell you what all plans the organisation has when it turns 100 in 2025. Remember that the BJP is only the political wing of the RSS. There are many organisations like the VHP, the ABVP and the HMS owing their affiliation to the RSS. They all owe their loyalty to the Sangh. What is the Sangh’s objective? It is to unite the Hindus, irrespective of caste and creed. There are books, articles and speeches authored or made by KB Hedgewar and Guruji Golwalkar which make the RSS objectives very clear.

“The aim of the Sangh is to organise the entire Hindu society, and not just to have a Hindu organisation within the ambit of this society. Had it been the latter, then the Sangh too would have added one more number to the already existing thousands of creeds.  “Though started as an institution, the aim of the Sangh is to expand so extensively that each and every individual and traditional social institutions like family, caste, profession, educational and religious institutions etc., are all to be ultimately engulfed into its system. 

“The goal before the Sangh is to have an organised Hindu society in which all its constituents and institutions function in harmony and coordination, just as in the body organs. While this is easily perceived at the conceptual level, the institutional outer form of the Sangh is also necessary for internalisation of this habit of organised living, but without making it a creed.”

The BJP wants every Sukh Ram, every Tom Vadakkan and every Abdullakutty under its fold. The RSS never liked the Constitution drafted by Dr BR Ambedkar. It described it as a hotchpotch of various constitutions. It did not approve of even the national flag. Before addressing the newly-elected MPs, Modi worshipped the Indian Constitution.

It was not for nothing that he did so. Worshipping False Gods was the title of a book Arun Shourie wrote to denounce Ambedkar. Those who drafted the Constitution wanted it to be followed in both letter and spirit. But for the Sangh, it is an object of worship, not an instrument to ensure the rule of law.

Now killings happen in the country when people refuse to say Jai Shri Ram. The BJP MPs set the trend when Asaduddin Owaisi took the podium to take his oath as a member of the Lok Sabha. In doing so the party gave an idea to its cadres. Now, how does the Sangh view the minority issue? Read the RSS books. It is very clear.  The RSS considers Manusmriti as the Hindu equivalent of the Indian Penal Code and the Islamic jurisprudence known as Shariat. The Sangh considers all those born in India as Hindus. Hence Muslims and Christians can join the Sangh, i.e., the BJP to begin with. 

Let me quote Golwalkar, “It is our duty to call these our forlorn brothers, suffering under religious slavery for centuries, back to their ancestral home. As honest freedom-loving men, let them overthrow all signs of slavery and domination and follow the ancestral ways of devotion and national life".  Now the question is what would be the status of a Muslim or Christian who returns to the Hindu fold? An RSS leader once explained very clearly. The converted person will get the status he or his forefathers enjoyed in the Hindu society before they converted. 

So a PC George may be treated as a fisherman and an Abdullakutty as a washerman! Annihilation of caste was an objective of Ambedkar, not of the RSS. Here I quote Manu S Pillai, author of the much-celebrated 'The Ivory Throne: Chronicles of the House of Travancore': “To Golwalkar, the argument that caste weakened India is unadulterated nonsense. On the contrary, it was the absence of caste that invited calamity. 

“We know as a matter of history," he states, “that our north-western and north-eastern areas, where the influence of Buddhism had disrupted the caste system, fell an easy prey to the onslaught of Muslims… But the areas of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, which were considered to be very orthodox and rigid in caste restrictions, remained predominantly Hindu even after remaining the very citadels of Muslim power and fanaticism." 

“So Uttar Pradesh must be our model for national reinvigoration, as it is proof that “the so-called ‘caste-ridden’ Hindu Society has remained undying and inconquerable…(while) casteless societies crumbled to dust". And caste, which presumably B.R. Ambedkar got completely wrong, must be restored to its rightful dignity as an instrument of modern nation-building.”

A poster popular on the Facebook walls of the Sangh Parivar adherents shows RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat mentioning that India’s progress is possible only when the reservation is ended and people are given jobs according to the dictates of Manusmriti. Of course, those who do not join the Sangh are welcome to remain as second-class citizens with many rights curtailed. Like the Hindus and Christians in Pakistan where they do not take part in the general elections but vote for their own nominees in Parliament. No Hindu or Christian can aspire to become the President or a Governor there. 

Pravin Togadia is a medical doctor and VHP leader. He is not friendly with Modi and Amit Shah but nobody questions his commitment to the Sangh Parivar ideology. There is a video where he defines what Hindu Rashtra is. He gives a slogan which his followers repeat. What he says is that only a Hindu will become President, Prime Minister, Minister, Governor, District Magistrate, Judges etc. There is not a single Muslim among the BJP MPs. KJ Alphons, who kept praising Modi, was dropped like a hot potato because he lost his deposit in Ernakulam.

There is no scope for any ism under the Sangh dispensation. If Mamata Banerjee joins the BJP, she will be gladly accepted. She may even be allowed to continue as CM. However, it will never accept Communism, though Pinarayi Vijayan and Kodiyeri Balakrishnan are acceptable as individuals. Now, I hope, my readers realise what Modi means when he says he wants to win the confidence of everyone.

The Sangh wants every Indian to say, Namaste Sada Vatsale... the anthem of the RSS. In such a scheme of things, there is no place for the Congress, which speaks about secularism, no place for Owaissi with his cap and beard, no place for Ambedkar’s casteless creed and a classless society as envisaged by Marx. That is why everyone is welcome to join the BJP. What they visualise is One Nation, One Sangh and one Sar-Sanghachalak.

(Published on 01th July 2019, Volume XXXI, Issue 27)