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Build Skills

Some persons wake up from the bed in the morning cursing the new day. They start the day grumbling at every one; Imagining the tensions and struggles they have to face during the day; foreseeing the hostile faces; irritating expressions of the colleagues at work place; funeral faces of the community members; ungrateful friends; financial crisis; traffic jam in the congested city road, handling routine health problems and the routine irritations in the work place and family. With all these negative feelings and dispositions people present themselves dull and shabby despite dressing up with fitting and shining clothes.

People with negative mindset hardly exhibit a smile on their faces. Their very presence radiate negative and discouraging vibrations all around. Prejudice towards persons, aversion in anything spoken and done by such people are part of their attitude. When negative thinking and prejudice go unchecked for a long time they turn into hatred. They misuse social media to propagate hatred and violence against their adversaries. There is suspicion and mistrust in anything they see and listen. Such persons make their life a hell for themselves and for all those who live and work with them. They do violence to the creation of God.

On the contrary, persons with positive disposition opens their eyes in the morning with enthusiasm and excitement. They experience a miracle in being alive. They raise their hearts in thanksgiving for the gift of life with all their mental, spiritual and physical faculties intact. Despite knowing the obstacles they will have to face and the tough people whom they will have to deal with, they are full of positive thoughts and confidence. Financial uncertainties, workload, prejudice and mistrust of their colleagues do not make them sad. They sustain their positive mind and trust in the power and providence of God repeating often, “ I can do all things in Him who strengthens me “. They do not get worried about the possible threats and oppositions in personal and professional life because of this trust in God, “ If God is with us who can be against us?” They will spread cheerfulness and enthusiasm around them despite adverse situations and people as if they are the happiest persons in the world.

While people with negative disposition look at others with prejudice and fear, those with positive mind always look at persons as they are. Instead of judging them for their past failures or blaming their upbringing in the family, belonging to a particular caste, religion or nationality, persons with positive mind will look at their present attitude and behaviour. Persons can change at every moment. People with positive attitude always opt for trusting a colleague and be prepared to get cheated, instead of not trusting any one and not getting cheated.

People with positive disposition consciously pay attention without intention to everyone who comes in contact with them. They consider every meeting with a person as a golden opportunity to see the face of God in him/ her irrespective of his/her colour, caste, creed, status and temperament and give honour in the best way possible.

The people who start the day with positive disposition not only look at everything positively, but also develop an innovative attitude and approach to people and issues with possibility thinking. Instead of being satisfied by doing good to all they would go a step further and dare to dream of doing something creative which no one has done in the world so far. This possibility thinking is best expressed in the words of Bernard Shaw , “ You see things and you say “why?” ; I dream of things that never were and I say, “ why not?” All the scientific inventions, trend setting ventures by saints and great leaders happened because of possibility thinking of some persons who dared to question, “why not?’. This is more than positive thinking. Instead of an inferiority feeling like, ‘ I am no one in this big world of 7.7 billion people’, they would be motivated with commitment and responsibility to everyone and everything in the universe.

Being positive to people and situations will help a person to manage a team or community well. However there will be neither initiative nor innovation. Status quo will be maintained. Docile and modest people will maintain all traditional, unproductive, out dated routine practices very faithfully without making any effort to review them. They are afraid of evaluation and questioning to explore new possibilities. On the other hand people who have developed possibility thinking would evaluate every tradition and routine practices and ask , “why don’t we try something different?” They look for more productive and relevant things to be done. This is what Jesus said to His disciples while clarifying their call and mission for “bearing lasting fruit”, instead of doing routine chores of producing ‘much fruit’ .

Producing “lasting fruit” means making lasting impact in the lives of people. It is a call to leave a legacy behind. Marine Luther King Jr had expressed the importance of vision of life and focus in the most inspiring words, “ If you have not identified the cause for which you should die , you have no reason to live”. Courage , conviction and clarity are needed to ask the challenging question related to life and work at every stage and at every fraction of a second , “ Why not.....?”.

Persons who start the day with negative thoughts and feelings will doubt at every step and find more than a hundred excuses for not going ahead to experiment something new , meet some difficult person to communicate what is in his/her mind. They would make a list of problems to present before them to prove the impossibilities. Presenting any number of success stories of people who made impossible things possible will not motivate them. Their disposition and body language will radiate negative vibrations and discouragement wherever they go. “ I cannot be like them , I don’t have such qualities , you don’t understand my situation and I am happy with what I do”. The worst reaction is ,” I am doing what I can”. While they do not want to make any improvement negative minded people will be jealous of the achievements of others and will spare no occasion to spread negative propaganda against them. They will find fault with everyone and anything for their misery and failures.

Gratitude is the hall mark of any positive person. As the eyes are opened early in the morning a positive person raises his/her heart to God in total gratitude. No person can adequately count the blessings of God. The more we count them, the greater will be our passion and focus to give back to humanity as the best expression of gratitude to God. They will grab every opportunity to serve others and be generous to speak well of them. Such people can never be sad, pessimistic and complain about anything. They will be conscious of the air they breathe, water they use, health they enjoy, every fraction of a second, of all their mental and physical faculties, of all near and dear ones. They would thank God for the foes who challenged them, for the many crisis which made them stronger, for many accidents and illness which taught them providence and protection of God. Their list would be unending.

Hearts and lips of such spiritually oriented people will always repeat, ‘God, bless the whole world with your peace, bless our country with your peace, bless our family and community with your peace. They will take the names of friends and foes alike to thank God for their gifts and place them into the hands of God and whisper, “God bless them with your peace“.

Heaven is not a place where we go after our life in the world. It is a state of mind and society we create. Heaven is on earth and God is in every human being.

The consciousness of God’s blessings will motivate a person to do his/her best to manifest the glory of God. He/she will do their best and more; the most and more! He/she will rise to the level of KARMA YOGI who will be constantly in touch with the COSMIC SPIRIT.

(Published on 8th June 2020, Volume XXXII, Issue 24)