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Call Of The Divine

Call Of The Divine

The virus has rejected the theory of revolution. Is that so? Look out and see why: you are seeing that you have been placed in the zoo for disobeying nature, while the animals are roaming free, and the trees and plants are standing tall and free from human pollution. Nature has proved us humans wrong. It has reiterated its claim to be ever evolving and that we need to evolve along with it, accept it, become one with it and that would determine the future of the universe. Nature here means everything in & around us, our nature in human form , including what we like and dislike- which is our natural self, what is good or bad- which is our socialization, our belief systems on what is best or worst or right or wrong- our morals, whichever way you decide. Evolution here means evolving with what is natural, what is impermanent, as it evolves, as it changes course, as it revolves. Evolution does not differentiate between color, caste, creed. It accepts what `IS’. It has no form, no definition, no norms, it does not think or intellectualize!! It’s just nature. Period. 

The lesson at the moment is: “Evolve rather than counter-evolve or reject. Evolve and flow with the current of the stream and not against the flow of the stream”, meaning that flowing with the natural flow of life rather than dictate and decide on behalf of nature. The message is clear: Evolve with nature as together v/s trying to dictate one`s own idiosyncratic ways & define one`s own terms, and manipulate nature to suit our thinking and philosophy.

Evolution means Respect : In today’s world, you have different values, religions, practices, customs, depending on what culture you emanate from. So, it really does not make sense to think of everything and everyone from your own cultural heritage point of view. What is important is not what is right and wrong, but what works best in any given situation. So, the message is clear: Just flow with the current and flow of life, trust in God, accept the cross, carry the cross, just walk with the Lord.

Evolution means Carrying the Cross : The problem comes when we postpone the carrying of the cross with our intellectual reasoning and try to reject it in favour of revolution. Which means we are rejecting what `is’ and imagining ‘what could be’, which actually does not exist. A revolutionary wants to change status quo or the norm or reject the other, or postpone the carrying of the cross. Revolution is trying to put off or reject ‘what is’ rather than accept ‘what is’. Whereas evolution is acceptance of the cross “as is now”, and start carrying it. On the other hand, evolutionary is one who chooses to carry the cross, walk along, evolve with another, rather than trying to change the other, or the course or path to Golgotha which suits one`s own thinking and ideals. Evolution has no ideals.

Evolution means Evolving and inspiring another fellow traveler : The problem in today’s world is to do with who is right and who is wrong and who knows better and who knows less. its competition and comparison. Evolution demands that we would need to help and enable and allow another`s thought, belief, and values to emerge and evolve into something bigger and larger. That truly is evolution and is part of the universality of humanity. This also means respect for another’s right to enjoy their perspectives and values as they want to. Can we ever think of a situation when one sect/community/religion helps another to evolve? Can we think of a day when one religion proclaims another religion`s beauty and help its higher evolution and be ready to transcend beyond boundaries? Can we play good Samaritans to each other`s values, beliefs, cultures, religion, and experience them bloom into much brighter, more transparent, inspiring, and ever evolving?

Evolution is respecting Nature : Nature prevails. Whichever way you think, nature prevails. You may postpone facing the reality, but ultimately you have to face it. We rejected seeing clear signs of natural calamity long time ago. But we rejected it, instead corrupted it, tried to change it, but ultimately nature is the winner of it all. Nature is supreme and natural, superior to any other form of life. Look at the birds, the trees, the mountains…do they every protest or revolt or fight or take revenge? From human eyes it may look like nature is taking revenge. But its really not. Nature is just ‘what is’. It’s just evolving.

Evolution is accepting Suffering and Pain : Pain and suffering are part of natural flow.  It’s the process of evolution. It has to be borne by the person carrying the cross. Only the person carrying the cross knows the pain, while others can only imagine what it is or could be. Only you have to bear it and none one else can bear it. You are responsible for its origin, progress, and resolution. One has to take personal responsibility to carry it. One cannot blame past, parents, society, nation or community. That’s like postponing the carrying of the cross. Carry it with grace and elegance and enjoy the ride.

Evolution means resurrection : The fruit of carrying the cross is death and death is the criterion for resurrection. One has to die to rise. The joy of carrying the cross is the beginning of resurrection. Dying to self evolves into resurrection and renewal of life. This resurrection is the new life, a new beginning.

All evolution results in resurrection. The virus today has taught us that, we are an evolution by our very nature. It has reminded us to come back to it.  It has created a new life course for humans. A new way has been found. A new method to live has been found. It’s not the same anymore. We are currently carrying the cross, and the resurrection is not far. The winner is the one who has learned to carry this cross gracefully during this lockdown period. The winner is one who has learned to evolve into a new being, with acceptance of what `is’ rather than rejection of what ‘is not’. Its evolution that makes resurrection possible and not revolution. I would personally choose evolution rather than revolution. What about you?

(Published on 04th May 2020, Volume XXXII, Issue 19)