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Congress Has Done Nothing!

Congress Has Done Nothing!

“The Congress has done nothing in the last seventy years.” These are not the words of Alice in Wonderland, but of the Prime Minister of India in ‘Modiland’.

I do believe that it is true that the Congress in the last seventy years has done nothing. Very true, because it has done nothing to undermine the foundations of India and its democratic institutions. It did not propose that India should abolish parliamentary democracy and turn it into an authoritarian state. There was no Prime Minister from the Congress fold who ventured to show India shine before the world by donning a very expensive dress which even billionaires do not display as their outfit.

The grand old Party could have converted India into an autocratic and dictator-controlled state with a Presidential form of government. It did not do anything in that line. Its pacifist attitude did not escalate tension between India and Pakistan with many surgical and even nuclear strikes to teach our ‘arch enemy’ a lesson for life. How come that the Congress did not tell the Muslims to ‘get lost in Pakistan’ because India was partitioned into India and Pakistan? It did not do anything in this respect. The Congress did not project India as belonging to only majority community, nor did it try to transform India into a Hindu Rashtra. “70 years, a wasted period!’

In order to protect Hindutva’s religious interests the Congress did not unleash street smart lynching army to eliminate in cold blood people of other communities who had different food taste, dressing habit or religious belief. Nor did it question or wipe out rationalists and scientists whose writings and pronouncements militated against Hindu mythological beliefs and practices. Why did the Congress respect the voice of reason and communal harmony? Why did it not get street smart by renaming roads and lanes after its icons and leaders?

The oldest Party in India did not open shakhas and schools to propagate Hindu religious teachings, nor did it take initiative in demolishing mosques and prayer centres of Muslims. The Congress did not open lakhs of non-functioning bank accounts in the name of people. Why didn’t the Congress opt for demonetization as an anti-hoarding method? Why did it not promise the citizens black money from Swiss banks with Rupees fifteen lakh into every one’s account book? Why did the party fail to do so? The veteran party is too poor in playing ‘jumlas’.

How come that no Congress Prime Minister ever swore by the nation saying that “I’m a nationalist. I’m patriotic. Nothing is wrong. I’m a born Hindu. So yes, you can say I’m a Hindu nationalist’? How come that the Congress Party, which claims a long tradition of leaders from Nehru, Patel to Rahul, Chidambaram and others, could not produce sadhus and sadvins to describe and demarcate the boundaries of the Hindu Rashtra and to use choice language to silence and shame men and women of other religions?  

Why did not the Congress take steps to propagate century old Hindu religious Vedic teachings or make RSS shakha’s curriculum in all the schools?   What was Congress doing in the last 70 years?  There was no slogan like ‘sab ka sath sab ka vikas’ from Congress. Where was its ‘Vikas Purush’ hibernating? Except during the infamous Emergency of the Indira period, the Congress did not put on its thinking cap (even the Gandhi cap was sent into limbo), in brainwashing the citizens with mouthwatering slogans as poisonous food for thought. Its puny intellect could not visualize a clean India with a ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, a latrine-filled Bharat, a new innovation in dry cleaning technology!

The Congress did not give a thought to introduce to the citizens the demon of demonetization. It lost an ‘historic opportunity’. Nor did it excite the farmers to commit suicide due to crashing of prices of domestic produces. It could have made the media its ‘lap-dog’, but gave little thought to it. During Congress regime the CBI was not ‘in the throes of a battle for credibility.’  It failed in unleashing a campaign of hate against Muslims and other minorities. Nor did it engage any lynching army to create terror and panic.   What a poor show the Congress was in surgical strikes, in escalating enmity between India and Pakistan? Its Prime Ministers knew the strength of the nuclear button but why did they not shout from the roof top that they could teach Pakistan, and even the whole world, a lesson.

Where is its ‘Gurukul’ for its old warhorses who could have been very well sent to limbo by insulating them from polluting political waters? What a poor show is the Congress over these 70 years since independence! All minus points all the way.

The Congress could have established the fact that the soul of India is in the Vedas and the pride of India is in Rashtravad. Why did it fail miserably? Why did it not want to curry favor with ‘the majority community’?

So, scanning these last 70 years, the Congress’ report card presents an abysmal picture.  It failed miserably in building this nation into a fascist one.  Its score is minus, minus, minus!

(Published on 06th May 2019, Volume XXXI, Issue 19)