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New India

New India

Jargons like Achhe din aayenge; Sabka Saath–Sabka Vikas; Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao; Swachh Bharat; Make in India, Ayushman and Jan Dhan etc. were repeatedly mentioned by Modi 1.0 between 2014 and 2018. The whole country witnessed that most of the schemes that were introduced during that period were failures. The jargons remained empty words and schemes empty promises.

Now Modi 2.0 has promised a New India. I wish to list a few important things that are/can be done under this banner:

·                    Keep fooling the common people of India as they often do not remember most of the things said and done by the politicians. Even if the people remember some of the promises and raise questions, the politicians, with great ease can say “It is only a Jumla”. This is New India!

·                    To remain in power, political parties and politicians adopt any type of illegal means. Almost 55% of the sitting MPs have criminal background. The criminal cases committed by them may be minor or serious in nature. Having a criminal background seems to have become one the eligibility criteria for the future MPs too. This is New India!

·                    The politicians and Hindu fundamentalist groups can pretend to be patriots by shouting the slogan Bharat Mata Ki Jai. They feel proud to compare Bharat to a mother, a woman. In contradiction to this view, women of any age, even small girl children, can be sexually abused anywhere and everywhere. This is New India!

·                    While in power, the Prime Minister can behave like a Dictator, take all important decisions without consulting the concerned ministers or officials and announce his decisions to the general public, even at midnight. If the hasty decisions cause innumerable sufferings and problems to the common people, the ruling government need not worry at all. This is New India!

·                    The ruling government can ignore the common people, especially the farmers and their burning issues. The Prime Minister and his colleagues can continuously support the Corporate Sector all the time to make sure that the rich becomes richer and the poor become poorer. This is New India!

·                    On the one side, the Corporates can avail huge multi-crore loans from the Indian banks with the blessing and patronage of the ruling government. Without repaying the loans to the concerned banks they can go to other countries with due permission and support of the ruling government and lead a royal life there. On the other side, the common people can be fined by the banks for not maintaining minimum balance. This is New India!

·                    The ruling government can permit selected Corporate Companies to loot the natural resources (like hydro-carbon, natural gas, coal, iron-ore, lime, granite, sand and water etc.) from all States converting the cultivable lands into deserts. As a consequence, the marginal farmers are forced to commit suicide almost every day. This is New India!

·                    In order to fulfil the requirements of the rich Corporates and keep them happy and satisfied, the State and Central Government can implement mega projects like 8-lane highways and airports. The prime agricultural land can be taken away from the marginal farmers for such projects depriving them of their only source of livelihood (agriculture). This is New India!      

·                    The State/Central Government-run hospitals can be pathetic. Due to lack of qualified and experienced doctors/nurses and basic amenities like essential medicines, oxygen cylinders, ambulance, beds, clean water and toilets etc. hundreds of common people and thousands of infant children can die. Such untimely deaths are taken for granted. This is New India!   

·                    During the election time the ruling government can make use of all the government machineries such as media, police, government officials, election commission and other infrastructure to manipulate the election process and the electronic voting machines to ensure its victory. The ruling government can pre-determine the exact number of seats to be won. The media becomes the propagator. This is New India!

·                    Every citizen, who has reached the age of voting, is free to vote. That is his/her democratic right. But… the votes cast by the voters, can be manipulated by introducing certain technology in the Electronic Voting Machines. So the voters can be fooled or cheated without their knowledge. By doing this, our democracy can be assassinated. This is New India!  

·                    After capturing the power second time (after the back-door entry), the winning party can form the government and assume their offices by taking “Oath” without any prick of conscience. This is New India!

·                    In the Parliament House (that is considered as the Temple of Democracy), the winning party members can occupy their seats with arrogance, raise provocative slogans, make unwanted comments and use abusive languages against the opposition party members. This is New India!

·                    In the similar manner, the opposition party members too can use abusive languages to blame the ruling party. In short, both the parties can play the “blame game” with an attitude of “I am okay and you are not okay”. “Abuse and apologize” has become the order of the day. This is New India!

·                    The ruling government can throw the secular ideas, enshrined in the Indian Constitution, up in the air and impose Hindutva ideologies on the people belonging to other religions. This is New India!

·                    India has been and continues to be a land of diverse culture and languages. Unity in Diversity is one of the unique characteristics. Yet the ruling government can promote “one nation and one election” ideology. The government also is free to envisage “one nation, one language and one religion” and work towards it. This is New India!

·                    In the name of protecting cows the so-called Cow Vigilant groups can get into mob lynching – beating and murdering - persons belonging to Islam. The mob can force the victims to raise Hindu slogans. This is New India!

·                    With the blessing of the ruling party, the Hindu fundamentalist groups can destroy Christian Prayer Houses/Churches, harm the Preachers physically, undress them and parade them naked in public. This is New India!     

·                    Every State in India is autonomous. Yet the ruling government can impose many things, especially the New Education Policy, on the States with an evil intention of having a control over the State Governments. The ruling government can also force the students of non-Hindi speaking States to learn Hindi against their wish. This is New India!

Shall we wake up and do something to prevent our country from further deterioration?

(Published on 08th July 2019, Volume XXXI, Issue 28)