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Lessons From Aap Victory

Lessons From Aap Victory

Politics in India has become very dirty, disgusting and destructive in the recent years not only because of the corruption, money and muscle power involved in it but also because of the dominant role played by the leaders with criminal and communal back ground. Negative criticism, allegations and personal attacks with vulgar statements by leaders and responsible ministers have become the order of the day. Democratic principles and decency are violated by leaders and their workers. Instead of presenting the constructive vision for the country and realistic action plans for the welfare of people, leaders and parties exploit and divide people in the name of caste, creed, region and other petty agenda which are contrary to the constitutional values.

Recent election to Delhi Assembly witnessed one of the worst performances by the BJP leaders under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. The fear and insecurity of the mighty Narendra Modi and Amit shah were visible in their campaign style. They brought more than 200 MPs, many prominent leaders from different states for election campaign of 70 Assembly seats with all kinds of tricks to malign the image of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his party. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah themselves were leading the BJP election campaign. BJP workers and ministers used all kinds of negative propaganda to destroy the credibility of Kejriwal and the exemplary works he and his government had done during the last five years for the welfare of the common people of Delhi. Despite BJP using all kinds of dirty tricks to win the election, people of Delhi stood with Kejariwal giving him and his party a thumbing victory of 62 seats. BJP received a humiliating defeat. Kejriwal called it victory of people of Delhi. Many others called it victory against fascism, victory of democracy, defeat of hate and revenge, defeat of communal polarisation. Some called it victory of Indian Constitution.

Victory of AAP in Delhi Assembly election under the leadership of Kejriwal gives many spiritual lesions to all including the politicians of India.

1.   Victory of Positive Politics :

In his initial days of political activism Arvind Kejriwal was known as an aggressive and angry young politician who was acting and speaking without patience. Though he was Chief Minister he was behaving like a street fighter. During the last five years he had proved to be a matured politician focusing on the welfare of the people. Despite all kinds of allegations against him by the BJP leaders he and his party leaders acted with patience. They did not fall into any traps made by the arrogant BJP leaders. Instead of using tit for tat policy he went ahead speaking of developmental programmes which his government had implemented and the future plans he has for the people in Delhi.

Usually political leaders lose control of their emotions during election campaigns and accuse their opponents and use abusive language. Kejriwal has set an example of decent tradition of not reacting to the provocations and personal attacks. Even after the thumbing victory he was not aggressive in his victory speech. PM Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and all other politicians have to learn lessons from Kejriwal. True to the name of his party Kejriwal behaved like an aam admi.

2. Recognition of honest service to people:

Much before the elections it was almost certain that Kejriwal would return to power on the basis of the welfare programmes his Government had implemented for the good of the common people. He and his team concentrated to sustain the trust of people by providing the essential facilities for them. His performance to improve health, education, electricity and water won the confidence of common people. They found him as a leaders who is serious about good governance.

It is significant to note that all his ministers were re-elected. It is a proof of the collective responsibility and performance. It proves the leadership of Kejriwal in carrying his team with him and making them work to realize the common vision and goals of the government. It is a proof that people recognize and reward honest politicians who are working for the welfare of the society. Hope the politicians and minsters of all governments in the country take lessons from Kejriwal and his team.

3. Wisdom of common people:

While speaking about the power of common people Abraham Lincoln had said, “You can fool all the people for some time ; some people for all the time ; but you cannot fool all the people for all the time”. This truth was proved in Delhi Assembly elections. During the campaign Modi-Amit Shah and all BJP leaders were using their divisive Hindutva agenda and aggressive nationalism beyond limits. They were making all efforts to polarize the voters by bringing division and hatred between communities. From the experience of the past elections they were confident that they could divide people by exploiting religious and nationalist sentiments. Arrogance and hatred were the hallmarks of their election speeches. They misused the police and other government agencies to support their campaign. Door to door campaign by Home Minister Amit Shah, two hundred MPs, central and party leaders from other states did not help them to win the support of people. Words of Abraham Lincoln, ‘All the people cannot be fooled for all the time’ were proved right.

Political leaders across the country shall take lessons from Delhi people that they cannot take people for granted. They are wise enough to recognize the right and wrong. Always they cannot be carried away by false stories of nationalism and religious slogans. People will stand with honest leaders who sincerely serve them. Ultimately truth will triumph.

4. Sovereignty of people

Delhi election result established the sovereignty of people which is clearly declared in the Preamble of the Constitution. The Constitution of India solemnly declares India to be a sovereign democratic republic. People of India with all their diversity are the masters. The political leaders, Prime Minister, President and all officials are servants of people, not masters. They are delegated by people and they should not behave like kings and emperors. The perks and privileges they enjoy come from people who are their masters. Unfortunately the elected representatives today commit the mistake of behaving like kings. Kejriwal and his team have given an excellent example of being one with people. It is to be noticed that they do not have even the traditional dress of political leaders. They are one with the common people true to the name of the party, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Leaders should acknowledge the fact that the people are sovereign and behave with them with humility and respect.

5. Preserving and promoting universal values of the constitution:

Political parties and leaders should live the values of the Constitution which is the spiritual foundation of India from centuries. Any effort to distort and violate the soul of India will be rejected by the people. Merely by shouting slogan, ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and waving national flag will not make us loyal citizens. They should ensure liberty, equality justice for all and defend the dignity of every individual. Promoting fraternity with all to realize the vision of vasudhaiva kutumbakam should be the mission of all citizens, especially the leaders and those who are governing the country. Leaders of all political parties shall remind themselves that any effort of dividing people in the name of caste, religion and region for the vested interest will be defeated by common people.

(Published on 17th February 2020, Volume XXXII, Issue 08)