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Nation First, Politics Later

Nation First, Politics Later

As the year 2020 progresses, the nation is going from bad to worse situation on many fronts. It all started with Covid 19 tightening its grip. The number of cases has crossed 1.3 million, and shows no sign of abating; the death toll has crossed 30,000. The lockdown has battered the economy and broken the spine of millions of ordinary mortals. The country continues to be in a desperate and dreadful state. Then came the Chinese assault on the border taking the lives of many soldiers. The threat of an overarching China is lurking on the border. More threats and theatrics have been added by Pakistan and Nepal, flexing muscles. Adding to the woes, the skies have opened up. Rivers in many States are overflowing, inundating thousands of villages and leaving millions homeless. The extent of damage and destruction is yet to be added up. It is time for every government worth its salt to gird up its loins; time for leaders to work unitedly; time for everyone to talk constructive language.

But some found this the most opportune time to strike hard and bargain for more power and higher positions. At a time when governments are fighting with their back to the wall to contain corona virus and flood fury, some have no qualms in trying to topple governments instead of working shoulder to shoulder with them. The latest to join this ‘meritless’ act is Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan. It seems that he has allowed his over-ambition to get the better of his good sense when he left his State reportedly with a band of 18 MLAs to topple his own government. He selected such an awful time to achieve his ambition of becoming the Chief Minister. If only he had realized that he is probably the only leader of his age in any State holding the post of Deputy Chief Minister and the top party post, he would not have taken such a disappointing step. Jyodiraditya Scindia too acted on similar lines in Madhya Pradesh. He too was a beneficiary of party’s ‘largesse’ as he was entrusted with senior positions. But he played into the hands of BJP to topple his own government at a time Covid had started wreaking havoc in the country.

One cannot forget that BJP’s fingerprints are seemingly smeared in every act of these toppling game.  One gets to hear more such disgustful news from States like Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal wherein the party is apparently out to play ‘dirty tricks’. It does not behove a party which wears ‘patriotism’ and ‘nationalism’ on its sleeves to indulge in alleged toppling games at a time the country is passing through the worst ever crisis. Nothing should be more important for the Central Government and its main ruling party than winning the fight against the pandemic and ensuring the safety of its soldiers and safeguarding its borders. Political power should be put on the backburner and the slogan ‘nation first’ should reverberate everywhere. It is the most unscrupulous act to pedal one’s agenda of coming to power by hook or crook when the pandemic is spreading its wings unceasingly.

(Published on 27th July 2020, Volume XXXII, Issue 31)