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Embracing Spirituality

Embracing Spirituality

Nationwide lockdown of more than two months to prevent the spread of deadly virus Covid 19 did not bear the expected result mainly due to the unilateral decision made by the central government and refusal to consult and collaborate with state governments, opposition parties and experienced experts in crisis management. On the contrary, this prolonged lockdown created many unexpected chaos in the country. The uncontrolled exodus of millions of migrant workers from various cities and death of hundreds of workers on the roads were failures of handling the crisis from the part of the government. The crumbling economy due to long lockdown of factories and business houses is another factor which made the lockdown a failure. Now despite spreading of the coronavirus everyone is eager to open the lockdown.

The crisis has exposed the hypocrisy of the ‘incredible India’. The dirty politics selfish politicians play, the insensitivity the bureaucrats and those in government exhibit towards starving millions who are stranded in different cities, the communal polarisation and the virus of hatred spread through the media by those who are ignorant of the bitter sufferings of the people and the adverse impact on the economy push people into uncertainty and even into depression. 

It is said that a person without a dream and a nation without a vision will perish. A lasting, broad and inclusive vision emerged from deep experience and reflection can keep persons and nations focused on their goals and priorities. Sages and saints were able to face any kind of crisis because of the clarity of their vision and goals . Martine Luther King Jr. rightly said, “If you have not identified the cause for which you should die, you have no reason to live”.

Personalizing the vision of a nation or a community is essential to make progress in life and to meet the challenges in times of crisis. India is blessed with a broad, inclusive and lasting vision with clear goals for those who run the governments in the country. The universal values enshrined in the preamble of Indian Constitution declare the responsibilities and duties of people who are entrusted with the task of governing this country and every citizen who is the boss of all who run the government.

If persons, who do not have the basic understanding of the sacred values enshrined in the Indian Constitution, get into the government either as ministers or as bureaucrats, they forget the fact that they are servants of people. Instead they act as kings and emperors. This is the disaster this country has been facing since long. It is more dangerous than the deadly covid 19 or rule by a foreign government .

The Constitution of India has solemnly declared India to be “ a Sovereign, Socialistic, Secular, Democratic Republic”. This makes every citizen the master, not a helpless servant. Neither migrant workers, nor any poor person or woman should be at the mercy of any government servant or political leader. Police is committing crime whenever they beat up poor people in the streets because people are their masters.

The preamble of the Constitution starts with the solemn declaration, “We, the people of India…” . This makes it mandatory to create an atmosphere in the country that every person in the country should experience a “we feeling ..”. Everyone should experience ‘at home’ feeling and freedom in any part of the country irrespective of his/ her caste, creed, region and status. Any discrimination on the basis of region, faith, colour and language is against the Indian Constitution.

The misery which millions of migrant workers suffered in these days was a violation of their fundamental constitutional right. Ministers, politicians, police, their employers and indifferent citizens who stood as mute spectators have violated the sacred Constitution of India.

The preamble of the Constitution further “ensures JUSTICE -social, economic and political; LIBERTY- of thought , expression, belief , faith and worship; EQUALITY –of status and opportunity and promote among them FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of individual and unity and integrity of the nation”. Those who are entrusted with the governance of the country are duty bound to be loyal to these values which are essential for the integral development of every citizen and protecting their individual dignity. All governments after independence, who were responsible to serve this country and work for the welfare of the people, not only neglected these values but betrayed the very vision of the country which had emerged from the deep experience of several centuries. The painful reality of today is that the ordinary people in the country feel that they are ruled by kings and emperors who do not belong to this country. 

Faced with chaos and crisis from pandemic Covid 19, the disloyalty to the vision of the Constitution by those who run the government of this nation is exposed. Their inability to manage a pandemic like Covid 19 also is exposed. Those who lead this country shall have first of all knowledge of the vision and values of the constitution which is the sacred scripture of the nation. They need to have reverence to the sacred values which should guide each and every action of those who are governing the country. They should also have the humility to admit the failures and mistakes in keeping up the spirit of the Constitution, instead of acting against those who express their democratic freedom to dissent .

Apart from the politicians and the bureaucrats, there are religious leaders and business people who find ways and means to violate the sacred values enshrined in the Constitution. Their business interest is kept above the Constitutional values and vision of the nation. They misuse power of media to spread the virus of hatred, hostility and negative propaganda in the name of religion and gods which is deadlier than the Corona virus. 

Foreseeing the future turmoil and impending religious polarisation after the communal violence which took place on Dec 6,1992 in the name of Ram temple at Ayodhya and serial bomb blasts in Bombay on 9th January 1993, a holistic educational movement under the title Universal Solidarity Movement (USM) of Value Education for Peace was launched in 1993. It was a holistic spiritual programme with its foundation on the universal values enshrined in the Constitution of India.

This holistic spiritual movement has its foundation in the sacred values of all religious and spiritual traditions. The programme presented by USM is very practical and can be accepted and observed by people of all faiths and walks of life. The spirituality of USM programme is free from all ritualism of religions and it can be practiced without formal worship places like churches, temples or mosques. This spirituality is so simple that it doesn’t require priests and god- men to guide people. This spirituality is effective, yet simple. Those who practice it can surely experience miraculous results. The practical module of spiritual renewal and transformation consists of five commitments which each person makes without any external control or compulsion. These simple five commitments are the following:

1. Pray / desire daily for peace and endeavour to be an agent of forgiveness and reconciliation

2. Skip a meal a day to express solidarity and sensitivity with the poor and the marginalized.

3. Do a good deed a day consciously without any selfish motive and publicity.

4. Honour parents, teachers and all human beings as worshipping God in flesh and blood.

5. Respect earth and save its resources to protect and preserve environment 

This practical module is based on the original spiritual foundations of all religions. This spiritual module doesn’t require priests, worship places and preachers. Let go politics and religions; Let in spirituality which is beyond all religions, but includes universal values. Those who wish to know more about this new way of spirituality may contact for details :

(Published on 1th June 2020, Volume XXXII, Issue 23)