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Fishing In Troubled Waters?

Fishing In Troubled Waters?

Undoubtedly Corona endemic, which has now been gripping the globe almost in its entirety, is a worth focusing issue for every government of the day. But while concentrating upon looking for ways and means to contain Corona spread, should India ignore various other deadly health issues, like Tuberculosis and children’s malnutrition, which have been troubling quite a number of Indian families, now for years?

In the last seven or so months, since Corona virus has been affecting India, total number of deaths due to Covid-19 infection here reportedly is around 25,000. And a majority of the corona infected dead ones reportedly were those who were having other serious multiple health problems.

Comparatively speaking, as per India TB Report 2020 some 79,144 people are reported to have died of tuberculosis in 2019.  Despite this, surprisingly enough, no measures such as compulsive wearing of face masks, have ever been taken to prevent spread of TB, which is an accepted air borne killer disease. On the contrary the Corona virus is yet to be proven to be an air borne disease. And in case of horrifying situation of malnutrition of children in India less said, the better. “In pre-pandemic times, the Global Nutrition Report 2020 found that 37.9 per cent of India’s children under five years are stunted, and 20.8 per cent are wasted, a form of malnutrition where children are too thin for their height”.

Coming back to the current Corona problem, which reportedly is now spreading fast in India, one thing has been bothering almost every one. It is this that while our government has been making tall claims of containment of the virus due to its ‘timely’ taken preventive measures why is it spreading fast, particularly at a time when  it is receding in other parts of the world?

Looking at the previous ‘sincere’ efforts that our government took to check the spread of virus a wise crack rightly remarked; “May be the deadly virus requires another strong dose of ‘ thaali bajaoo, diya jalao’, which might bring in some respite from the virus spread”! Since no country in the world was prepared to face such a fast attack of Corona, it affected the economy of every one of them.

India’s economic condition already being on the down trend, suffered on this count rather severely. However, true to the salt of his business-perfect land of Gujarat, our Prime Minister did not lose heart. He reportedly asked the nation to turn the ongoing tragedy into an opportunity, ( trassdi ko avsar mein badlo), for both reviving the sagging Indian economy and making our country a self-reliant nation.

While working of most of our industries is still in fits and start mode, thanks largely to inadequate governmental support some shrewd businessmen, like leaches, have already started benefitting themselves from this ongoing tragic atmosphere. This they achieved through spreading a much hyped scare of the virus, thanks to both the media and shrewd advertisers.

For instance one must have come across many commercial ads, in different media, that have been there for quite some time, which have been promoting heat or fire resistant wood-laminates. But look at this new trend? In a new TV ad a man is shown picking up a morsel that fell on his table from his mouth while eating, and putting it back into his mouth. The ad proclaims that the laminate is “virus” resistant!

Similarly ads that earlier were being promoted as energy boosting health drinks, now have been remoulded into “immunity” boosters! Thanks to such a fast growing advertising trend, the sale of unheard of items like  infrared thermometers,  oximeters and a huge variety of sanitisers and their dispensers has grown tremendously. The advertised scare initially had reached such a level that mandatory to use masks and sanitisers became scarce and were being sold in black!

  ‘Trassdi’ into an  avsar or fishing in troubled waters?

(Published on 20th July 2020, Volume XXXII, Issue 30)