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Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification

In the past people followed a life of hard work and ways of saving to become rich. Students worked hard regularly to pass the examinations. Young people worked at the grass root level of the organizations and political parties to prove their credibility before they aspired for top positions. Culture of nepotism and sycophancy was alien in those days.

Today people don’t have patience and willingness to work hard to become rich and successful. Everybody has become victims of instant culture of money, power and success. The new generation of the modern world believes that they can capture power and achieve success if they have money. They use any means to make quick money.

The intention behind number of smuggling cases of gold, drugs and human trafficking is this instant culture. All kinds of fraud and cheating by big business people take place because of this instant culture of money, power and success.

Students want to get maximum marks in the examination without working hard. Young politicians want to capture positions of power without working patiently. Many people in the world today compromise on all ethical principles and morality by selling their souls for quick money and power. Prostitutes sell their bodies helplessly for sustaining themselves. Those who sell their souls and conscience for satisfying their lust for money and power are worse than the prostitutes. They think that with money and power they can prove their success in life.

Many years ago Mahatma Gandhi had warned about seven social sins which are the outcome of instant culture. They are the following:

1- Wealth without work.

2- Pleasure without conscience.

3- Knowledge without character.

4- Commerce without morality.

5- Science without humanity.

6- Worship without sacrifice.

7- Politics without principle.

In the rat race for money, power and success, hardly anyone bothers about the lasting outcome of all these achievements in their lives . They do not give time to introspect about the legacy they want to leave behind them. Personal ambition is the driving force behind all their thinking and acting. They do not understand the lasting impact of having a broad, inclusive and lasting vision of life. People who are led by vision would constantly introspect themselves with the following questions: If I die today for what people should remember me? How many people should remember me? How long should they remember me?

A lasting vision formulated with the help of the above mentioned questions would provide definite focus, right priorities and principles to life. Persons who are led by a lasting vision of life would evaluate themselves daily in the evening before going to bed with the following questions: Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?

Those who introspect themselves will never be led by personal ambition for vested interest. They would be alert not to commit any of the social sins about which Mahatma Gandhi had said years ago. Drifting away from Mahatma Gandhi is the cause of all problems we face today. It is unfortunate that people who have not studied about the life and teachings of Gandhi are insulting and blaming him for all problems created by those who promote instant culture of money, power and success.

Instant culture would only increase crimes and conflicts in society and families. Abandoning instantly this instant culture will bring peace and harmony in families, society and in the whole world.

(Published on 27th July 2020, Volume XXXII, Issue 31)