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Unfortunate ‘Chotoo’; In Corona-Times!

Unfortunate ‘Chotoo’; In Corona-Times!

A scary Corona has convicted us all with a lengthy lockdown, which has made us realise the true value of time.

 Earlier we perhaps never had the ‘time’ to think of the ‘time’s’ real characteristics.

 In fact we generally would curse or lament over its imagined, at times fleeting shortness or at another occasion its boringly prolonged length. For instance, in a three hour long examination session, the same hours are perceived differently by different people there. It appears short to the examinees and lengthy to the invigilators!

 However, in this fast moving business oriented time we sometimes do eulogise it, but only as an equivalent to hard cash; “Time is money”!

 Now with the time's abundance into our daily life's plate, thanks to the compulsive lockdown, it has given us a chance to have a closer relook upon it.

 Apart from finding ways to 'kill' both the Corona virus and its deadly scare, now everyone seemingly remains busy in finding ways to 'kill' time also.

 My lockdown period had started a month before its official declaration, due to personal health reasons. Undoubtedly I had to struggle more to find ways to while sway the earlier seemingly scarce time.

 Since the nature of the time is to remain moving constantly at a given speed, it does not stop whether you do anything or not.

 Apart from trying various activities to while away the time I found a new time pass, funny and engrossing one, watching the generally forwarded videos that people post on your shared social media walls! It is another matter that earlier I used to detest them the most.

 This is about one such not so funny video. A person was seriously enumerating, supported by seemingly well researched statistics, the dangers of the ongoing virus. He lectured, in an authoritative tone, about the doe's and don'ts that all should follow to check its spread. His main stress was on to remain locked up in ones homes.

 He thundered with a foolish looking smile; "I don't allow anyone from our family to venture out of the house, not even to have a stroll in the lawns. In fact I have locked the outside door of the house and keep its key safely in my pocket, lest anybody goes out, except our "Chotoo", who brings for us our daily requirements from the market"!

Are unfortunate ‘Chotoo’, (an assumed common name given to most juvenile household workers in the North), and his likes so well protected by God that no virus, even the dreaded and fast spreading Corona, can harm them?

(Published on 27th April 2020, Volume XXXII, Issue 18)