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“We Care For You” ! Really!

“We Care For You” ! Really!

Of late sentiments of most Indians get ‘hurt’ even at the drop of a hat. Their easily bruised sentiments are of various brands, political, religious, nationalistic and social. These days none can dare criticise, even on genuine and logical grounds, any thing or person or an act. It is another matter that ours is a democracy whose constitution allows everyone a freedom of speech. Portrayal of some normal professional doings of a working community, either in movies or on TV, also cause serious sentimental  hurts leading to ransacking of theatres and TV studios along with their media vans.

In this regard I admire our Police force greatly. It remains above this all. Even the regular portrayal of a sullied image of police in movies and in popular TV serials, it never has caused any sentimental hurt amongst the police circles. May be by ignoring such portrayals police unknowingly admit the allegedly wrong and illegal doings of its force! This perhaps can happen only if Police are fully protected and collided well with the powers that be!

Almost every second Indian web series, like ‘PATAL LOAK’ and ‘YOUR HONOUR’, which are quite popular these days, thanks to Corona lockdowns, they graphically talk of a strong nexus between police and crime-mafia. They also show, apart from many unlawful activities that are perpetrated against poor and weak jail inmates, how our jails work as dens of dons who blatantly operate their criminal activities from within the strong and well protected jail walls. Custodial deaths and fake encounters are also depicted as if these are accepted new norms. These serials brazenly talk of protections that both police and crime mafia get from powerfully seated political leaders also.

The recovery of prohibited mobile phones and small amounts of drugs and weapons, during occasional eye-wash raids even on high security jails, which are often reported in the media, substantiate such TV-showings to quite an extent. The reports of custodial deaths and jail breaks too keep pouring in from one place to another almost regularly.

The recent unbelievable encounter stories, having many open loopholes and scripted in familiar sounding manner, which has currently become the talk of the day, is the killings of Vikas Dubey and his associates. Most surprising of these allegedly custodial killings is the fact that a police force of a Utter Pradesh that lost lives of eight of its men at the hands of Dubey and party, that allowed his gang function fearlessly for decades, that could not handle a lonely, in their custody Dubey, that failed to protect their weapons, is being branded as a brave and worth praising force! I wish government had implemented Ms Kiran Bedi’s report on Police reforms that she once had submitted long ago, which might have brought some sanity to the seemingly fully criminalised force. It is a hard and sad fact that today on seeing boldly written phrase on police vehicles, ‘WE CARE FOR YOU’, it does not instill any confidence in any one. Our police looks, particularly to the common man, as scary as ever since British days! 

(Published on 13th July 2020, Volume XXXII, Issue 29)