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Seeing Stars in the Daylight

Five Star Pm on the Judiciary

To criticize the entire judicial system as Narendra Modi has done

Shah Bano Recalled - Not Even a Whimper

On April 6, 2015, the Supreme Court of India gave a verdict

Islam, Peace, Justice and Dialogue

Peace should not be bracketed with justice, or with anything else

Religion of Peace and Rise of the ISIS

The rise of ISIS is an outcome of US invasion and interference

The Impact of The RTE Act

An unaided minority school does not come under the RTE Act

Silencing Truth

It seems the pro-Modi intellectuals would decide whether the Christ

Rise in Anti-Christian Violence

A large section within the Christian community feels that Modi

A Voice in the Wilderness

Justice Kurian Joseph sent his dissenting note to Supreme Court

A Saffron Tinge to Secularism

A Muslim girl emerged topper at a contest on the Bhagavad Gita

Declaration of Internet Independence

By striking down Sec 66A, the court has implicitly acknowledged

Invasion of Individual Freedoms

How can beef eating be lawful in some states and a crime punishable

Holy Cows and Horrified Citizens

Home Minister Rajnath has called for national ban on cow slaughter

The Social Economics of Cow

All age-old religious rituals, traditions, beliefs and practices

Golden Lessons from Edelweiss

As the film ‘Sound of Music’ has turned golden this year

AAP: Meltdown or Reinvention?

AAP would be wiser if they learned from the Congress & BJP debacle

Insulting Freedom Fighters

one of the recently declassified documents on Neta ji shows that