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The Kandhamal Pogrom

Eight Years Later

Revisiting Kandhamal

Justice and Peace a still Distant Dream

“Faith Is Thicker Than Blood In Kandhamal”

The faith of Christians of Kandhamal is nothing but shining one

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This film is not just about Kandhamal

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The Build-up to Anti-Christian Violence

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Still Waiting for Justice and Restoration

Lessons From Kandhamal

They rebuilt their community through love, compassion and sharing


Silent Victims of Communal Violence

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Vibrant community has been marginalized with orchestrated violence

The Shadows & Silences After The Killings

Arguably the violence of 2008 could have been avoided

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India need to win over future generations in Kashmir

Olympian Disaster

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Humans First

20,000 people in India die every year from dog-bite