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25 Steps to Reach the Crib of Jesus

P. A. Joseph P. A. Joseph
05 Dec 2022
Jesus was born in a cow shed.

1. Jesus was born in a cow shed.                                                                                   Joyful simplicity

2. Mary and Joseph were lost in contemplation, speaking no words.                                   Adoring

3. He had no enjoyable childhood days and playmates.                                                 Love children

4. King Herod wanted to kill Jesus, as he was most insecure.                                                Be for life

5. Wise men from the East offered gifts to Jesus.                                                                   Surrender

6. Joseph and Mary were from the poorest sections.                                                    Option for poor

7. All through life Jesus opted for poor life situations.                                                     Bear burdens

8. Mary and Joseph were most attuned to the style of Jesus.                                                Compliant

9. Before birth his name was told, Jesus, meaning Emmanuel, God with us.                Breathe Jesus

10. His core teaching was to love God and love others.                                                       Compassion

11. He insisted that all his disciples should love enemies.                                                        Reconcile      

12. His hardest teaching was to forgive others.                                                                       Repentance

13. When Jesus was nailed to the cross, he was silent.                                                 Prayer in suffering

14. While dying, He prayed to the Father to forgive offenders.                                                     peaceful

15. Jesus, before completing his multiple works, was killed.                                           Do Jesu’s mission

16. Loved to spent time in the bosom of the Father                                                             Contemplation                                                                                        

17. Mary accompanied Jesus in his ministry, suffering and even crucifixion.                       Follow Mary

18. Joseph took the best care for Jesus and Mary.                                                                 Imitate Joseph

19. Life in Bethlehem, Egypt, Nazareth was of a migrant                                                    Live exodus life

20. All the travels were on foot, physical hardships.                                                                   Tough work          

21. Work of a carpenter, hard and dust-filled situation.                                             Bear dust and sweat

22. Jesus kept all together.                                                                                               Communion with all

23. Holy Spirit helping.                                                                                                                Spirit to guide

24. Strengthened the disciples.                                                                                                All of one heart

25. Radiant, heavenly glory.                                                                                      Resurrected glorious life   

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