Letter to the Editor

Posted At: 23 Feb 2024 | 12:00:00am

Thank you for bringing up issues facing our people in India, esp. Christians / Catholics; the focus on demanding change the hearts of persons who know the language of pagan powers - as lust for power. Our people, using the strength we have thrown away, esp. through sins against marriage and family in choosing contraception and abortion, inviting in death spirits may be the most important undercurrent that leads to all these other issues; drawing attention to same may be the most important need. Fear as the agent that is invited in all such choices - reports of more persons likely to be affected by Covid effects-yet , same also said to be related to the fear factor. Every contraceptive choice is from fear - that one would not have the grace / strength to practice chastity, that life is going to be too much trials, not worth protecting and promoting. Such attitudes in us get conveyed around, no wonder they turn against us ! Mercy !

K Joy joseph
Posted At: 20 Mar 2023 | 12:00:00am

.ASIA NET NEWS HOUR YESTERDAY City based panelists cannot under stand the misery of the ordinary farmer in the villages.. Low, un profitable prices for their produce, be it rubber, or any thing else . Every season the prices fluctuate.. So much hue and cry about the Bishop telling some thing. But every body is silent on the basic issue- the plight of the farmers. Every body speaks about the ideological aspects, selling of votes etc. .But nobody tells how the poor farmer will survive. The politicians blame each other and shed crocodile tears. So I am forced to agree to what the Bishop has said. I am strongly against BJP. I do not like clergy interfering in politics.. But if they take steps to help the rubber growers I am forced to support them. IDEOLOGY WILL NOT FILL EMPTY STOMACHS

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