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Recent Posts

In spite of the enormous amount of unpaid work women do, the conception that homemakers do not ‘work’ and add to the economic value is a problematic concept
apicture Joseph Maliakan
18 Jan 2021
For the second consecutive term, the farmers feel cheated for having not consulted them on the farm laws while forming an expert committee of ‘pro-Government’ experts by the Supreme Court.
apicture Manoj Varghese
18 Jan 2021
The degrading, discriminatory and stereotype term “house wife” is done away with a more dignified and neutral term “homemaker” by the Supreme Court of India.
apicture Adv Jessy Kurian
18 Jan 2021
A recent judgment of the Supreme Court said that the value of a woman’s work at home was no less than that of her office-going husband.
apicture Anju Grover
18 Jan 2021
Dear Shri Dilip Ghosh, I was startled by your comments on Nobel-laureate Amartya Sen, whom you called a “land-grabber”.
apicture A. J. Philip
18 Jan 2021
Thousands of citizens from all walks of life and from everywhere have strongly condemned the illegal arrest of Fr Stan and demanded his immediate release.
apicture Cedric Prakash
18 Jan 2021
The event that unfolded at the Capitol Hill in the United States of America in the wee hours of the morning of 7th January, 2021 has shocked and shaken conscious people all over the globe.
apicture Dr Prakash Louis
18 Jan 2021
The Indian American community has expressed shock and is dismayed at the events that unfurled on Wednesday, January 6th on Capitol Hill.
apicture Ajay Ghosh
18 Jan 2021
Patriotism, love for one’s country and countrymen, is not rooted in the religion but in the ‘Nationhood’ which is not an outcome of religion
apicture Ram Puniyani
18 Jan 2021
The National Peace Movement in collaboration with Rotary International has been organizing the National Peace Convention since 2015.
apicture Jacob Peenikaparambil
18 Jan 2021