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Who will provide remedy if not the Supreme Court when fundamental rights are breached?
apicture Joseph Maliakan
23 Nov 2020
The arrest of Arnab Goswami evoked howls of protests from the centre, politicians and ordinary people, while that of octogenarian activist Stan Swamy under the dreaded UAPA barely registered.
23 Nov 2020
I wondered whether I did the right thing in visiting the Ambala Christian Cemetery, known earlier as the European Cemetery, on Jagadhari Road in Ambala Cantonment in Haryana.
apicture A. J. Philip
23 Nov 2020
Five BJP ruled states are mulling to bring in a law to disallow ‘love jihad’, a term coined by the Sangh Parivar for mixed marriage between a Muslim man and a woman of other faith.
apicture Jacob Peenikaparambil
23 Nov 2020
The day we say we have something to learn from others we shall make progress. We shall recognise the worth of “Work” over “Words”.
apicture Archbp Thomas Menamparampil
23 Nov 2020
And then it struck me! No it did not strike me like the bolt from the blue! I half expected it, like most of the world did. Why wouldn't anyone not expect it,
apicture Bishop Alex Dias
23 Nov 2020
A nexus between bank staff, middlemen, school and government employees in Jharkhand, Bihar and Punjab have come to the fore, where scholarship amount worth millions of rupees,
apicture Manoj Varghese
23 Nov 2020
‘Spiritual awakening’ is the most substantial measure in combating the menace of environmental pollution
apicture Dr. M. D. Thomas
23 Nov 2020
The celebrated CP Scott who served as the Editor of Manchester Guardian for over 50 years observed a century back that “comment is free, but facts are sacred”.
apicture Aarti
23 Nov 2020
As she reaches a village, Salami Shashankar tells a reliable person to inform the people about her arrival. “Bank Madam has come,” word quickly passes around from one to another.
apicture F. M. Britto
23 Nov 2020