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Abundant Living

P. A. Joseph P. A. Joseph
04 Mar 2024

When contemplating the essence of existence, it should transcend mere survival at the fringes; rather, it should encompass abundant living, reaching our fullest potential and performance. Our aim should be to engage in life with the utmost vigour, utilizing all our personal capacities consciously. The true glory of humanity lies in being fully alive, never reduced to a zombie-like state. Our thoughts and actions must align with this pursuit.

It's essential to have a vision for our lives, detailing it meticulously, perhaps through sketches, diagrams, and deadlines. After all, as the adage goes, "Where there is no vision, people perish." Our trajectory should be continuous ascent, surmounting obstacles, learning from failures, and breaking free from addictions without resorting to compromises or lazy excuses. Excuses often masquerade as compromises, but an active individual cannot afford to compromise. If our goals set us apart from the crowd, we must have the courage to stand alone; it's better than being in the wrong company.

Be prepared to work diligently, even working alone, with unwavering enthusiasm. Refuse to let anything deter your progress; as you think, so you become. Delete all negative self-images and disregard feelings of inferiority. Embrace the struggle, for it signifies progress; without it, we regress. Remember, your limitations are often self-imposed by fears or the opinions of those not invested in your journey.

Success doesn't materialize overnight; patience is key. Just as the sun takes twelve hours to rise and set, results require time. With unwavering determination, failure will never overshadow your path to success. Believe in your ability to shape your future; with self-discipline, all things are achievable, and with hard work, nothing is insurmountable.

Remember the two laws: guard your thoughts alone and your words in company. Maintain a positive outlook, feeling blessed, prosperous, healthy, and successful. Understand that growth and prosperity bring pleasure to the divine, who is abundance itself.

Engage in self-auditing regularly, assessing your investments, energy expenditure, and areas needing attention or redirection. Honesty with oneself is crucial; it's the first step toward wisdom. Embrace change, for those willing to change their minds can change for the better, fostering a fresh mindset.

Negativity has no place in this journey; it stifles initiative. You can have results or excuses, not both. Clarity in thought and action is paramount to effective living and functioning. Embrace life with all its challenges, for therein lies the path to fulfilment and true abundance.

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