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Bob’s Banter by Robert Clements Bottled Coconut Water..!

Robert Clements Robert Clements
15 May 2023

Very lately at around eleven in the morning, which is an hour or more after breakfast, and two hours before lunch, I’ve been having a small bottle of coconut water. This was once the time when I had my second cup of tea, but I stopped that, then started having a Coke, which my children spoke against, and finally settled for this tiny white bottle, with sweet water from the coconuts.

I’ve been a great one for coconuts and have often stopped my car near one of these coconut sellers and watched as they hitched up their dhoti, so that their deft arm would be unhindered in its aim, then deftly sliced out the top of a coconut and offered the luscious opened fruit to me. But there was a moment as I held the coconut in my palm when I wondered how it would taste; would it be sweet? Insipid? Or just mediocre? And then as I pulled on the straw would find the answer in the first sip.

But with the bottle of water, the taste is standardized! Which means that some ingredient has been introduced to make all the bottled stuff taste the same.

I wondered what it would be if we people were also likewise. I remember reading about dog breeds and finding out that each breed like a German-Shepherd or a hound or a poodle, had characteristics which were similar, but that is certainly not so with us humans.

We are not bottled coconut water! We are fruits with each of us having our own identity.

But very often, we tend to want to become like bottled water because we follow the policies of those who would want us all to become like bottled water. Same lookalike clothes, same religion, same culture, same language!

Today in our country, many of our people are jumping to the ‘bottled coconut water’ call of such leaders, like mass voting for one political party, without thinking if that particular party or those leaders are doing any good for the country. But they speak about a country with just one culinary habit, one religion, and we jump hysterically into the bottle and alas, lose our identity!

Maybe it’s time we as a nation realize we are individuals, that we should not lose our flavor as individuals, and that flavor comes out of our individual capacity to be different. It’s time we became persons and not clones, casting away our identity and jumping into bottles, to give one flavor of our country to the world, rather than showing the world that we are a nation who are made up of people from different cultures, dissimilar tastes, and diverse religions!

Not bottled coconut water, like some of our political leaders want us to become..!


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