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Bob’s Banter by Robert Clements Protecting Women, the Taliban Way..!

Robert Clements Robert Clements
23 Aug 2021
Weekly Magazine In India

Afghani women who had feared and dreaded the entry of the Taliban applauded the news that the Taliban leadership now shouted across to them, “We will protect you, don’t be scared!”
“I told you not to be fearful,” said the father of one of the young women. “I told you they are not cruel. They! are actually talking about protecting you. Now I don’t have to be worried when you come back so late in the evening!”
“Just to stay out till five was a fight with you!” whispered the daughter.
“Anyway, now you are going to be protected and I’m happy!” said the father, “What’s that?”
“Somebody is knocking!” said his daughter fearfully.
“Ah must be your protection force!” said the father as he made his way to the entrance and as his daughter looked fearfully. “Welcome! Welcome brothers!”
“We have come to protect your daughter!” said the bearded thug as the father first nodded happily then was startled as he was pushed aside and the man went to the girl, “Come with us!”
“No!” screamed the girl, “I am well protected here!”
“Protected?” asked the fighter in disbelief, “But I can see your face! And when I see the face of a woman other than my wife, I have undesirable thoughts. I must protect you from myself!”
“So, don’t look at me!” screamed the girl.
“Protect yourself!” said the thug, “Cover your face with sackcloth for now! That is our first protective act!”
“No!” screamed the girl.
“Now shut your mouth woman! That is our second way of protection! Does she have a cellphone? A laptop?” asked the thug.
“That’s how we keep in touch with her!” explained the father.
“Put her laptop and phone in this sack!”
“Don’t take my phone!” screamed the girl, behind the sackcloth covering her face.   
“Ssshhh, no sound from you. You now are a protected woman. And protected women have no voice!”
“Thank you sir!” said the father, his voice trembling, “I will see your orders are followed!”
“You?” asked the Taliban thug, “You?”
“Yes!” said the father.
“You have not been able to protect her all these years, so she will be in our protection. Here you,” said the chief beckoning to a young man in his group, “Take her. She is yours. Yours to protect!”
And as the girl was led away by her new thug hubby-to-be, she screamed, “The world won’t forgive you for what you are doing to us women!”
The thug looked at her and whispered, “But isn’t this what other countries are also doing, under the name of ‘protection’!” He whispered a name to her and she stared mournfully, through the sackcloth at me..!


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