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Bob’s Banter by Robert Clements The Governors and the King..!

Robert Clements Robert Clements
16 Jan 2023
Bob’s Banter by Robert Clements

King Charles! It seems a bit strange to call Charles the king of England, after getting used to addressing Britain’s constitutional monarch as ‘Her Majesty the Queen’, so King it is, and a constitutional monarch it is, and nothing's changed except a man replacing his mother as the ceremonial chief. But in another part of the world in one of England’s old colonies, there seems some confusion as the same constitutional heads of state governments have started getting squeamish about just being titular heads!

“Hi Governors!” Charles says as he meets these titular heads who have travelled across the seas to meet him, “You want me to play a bigger role than what my mom played?”

“Yes,” say all the governors, very respectfully, “We feel that just as we are telling our chief ministers to fall in place you also need to do the needful! Look at the upheaval we’ve caused in around three states in our country!”

“We were nobody!” said one of the governors, “We were given big palaces which you English left us with, and other than opening shops and museums we had no work at all, but now everybody is noticing us!”

“I stopped reading the full speech given to me,” another governor piped in, “and read only some parts!”

King Charles looked back to see if Camilla was joining him then whispered, “We also want to play a bigger role, then just speaking of whales and dolphins!”

“Then assert yourself!” said one of the governors, “Speak against your elected representatives!”

“You mean against Rishi?” whispered Charles.    

“Yes!” say something controversial, “Tell him you want to change the name from England to Angle Terre!”

“Angle Terre?” asked a flustered Charles.

“Yeah, I did it, your majesty,” said one of the governors, “Told the elected representatives to change the name of their state!”

“Why would you ever do that?” asked Charles.

“To keep myself in the news!” said the same man as the other governors chuckled.

“He, he, he! That's very funny,” said Charles, “But why do you want me to do what you chaps are doing down there? I’m quite happy, shooting ducks and otherwise trying to see my crown doesn’t fall off my head!”

“We thought, if all we constitutional heads started getting noticed, then people would forget about their elected representatives and look up to only us!” chorused all the governors together. “And you historically being the first constitutional head in the world could lead the way!”

“What about Camilla?” asked Charles, “Will she also play a part? I like to include her in all my roles!”

The governors looked at one another, shook their heads, then trooped out of Buckingham Palace, “We already have chief ministers wanting to share in governing our states, we can’t afford having our wives wanting to partner with us too!” they muttered as they walked out..!  



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