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Bob’s Banter by Robert Clements Men and Women of Courage...!

Robert Clements Robert Clements
27 Nov 2023

It’s so very easy to take popular sentiment and whip it into a frenzy. Hitler did that. With Germany furious with the world with the terms of the Armistice, he got most Germans onto his side and inevitably made them a country of murderers. But to stand against popular feelings which an individual feels is unethical and wrong, to face a mob, and that of a wrathful leader, that takes guts and immense courage.

The Biblical prophets of old had this unenviable task to perform. Again and again with shivering body and trembling hearts they approached thrones of tyrants and cruel monarchs and told them they were wrong.

Not just the prophets, Jesus did it too. He pointed to the Pharisees and other whitewashed sepulchres, their hypocrisy, and was put to death in the bargain.

What does it take to be one of these? Don’t ever think it is only guts and courage and a mind which knows no fear. If you look into the scriptures, you will realise these men and women of God were fearful. Even Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane said, ‘take this cup from me’ and his sweat were drops of blood. So much was the agony He felt.

Then what is it that drives these men and women? If it is not fearlessness, not recklessness, then what?

I believe it is purposefulness. A sense of purpose bigger than their life.

A deep belief that what they are standing up for is huger than the breath they breathe. Oh yes, they fear the spear and bullet, the jail and dungeon, but deep inside, they know that what they believe in is beyond the injury caused by spear or the loneliness of the dungeon.

Their cause is huge, and that drives them on.

But such men and women to whom we owe our freedoms to, would die in vain if your heart and mine are not stirred by the cause they believe in. If, in their struggle we be mute spectators then that struggle is in vain, but more than being in vain is that their struggle, if not heeded by we the onlookers will not just see the downfall of those brave hearts but us also.

Because their standing up against injustice is also to see that we are not the victims next.

It is imperative therefore that you and I stand along with them, that their fight galvanises us into action too. Not in arms or violence but in speaking out and being bold.

Let us not snigger and laugh as men and women of our opposition are bundled into prison, stripped off posts or transferred. Nay, let us heed their call, and rise to save that which we hold precious; our freedom..!

Today’s column is dedicated to Father Suresh Mathew, the editor, a man of courage.


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