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Bob’s Banter by Robert Clements The Gandhi Vaccine..!

Robert Clements Robert Clements
05 Oct 2020

The newspaper boy, clutching his newspapers like diamonds in his hand, shouted, “Vaccine found! Vaccine available!” And people hearing him at the railway station and street outside, rushed to get a copy of the paper, even missing their trains as they queued behind one another, so they could read and partake of this good piece of news.
The next morning, they again queued up, to get their vaccine shot.

It was a strange scene, as they initially stood in line, grumpy and surly, staring suspiciously at each other, giving lecherous looks to women, and after the shot, the change was dramatic as the same angry faces broke into smiles, bearded ones hugged the non-bearded, women hugged each other, and wonder of wonders, men stopped staring lustily at every woman, rape on their minds, as had become the new normal.

I found the newspaper boy sauntering nearby and ran to him, “Looks like the vaccine you announced yesterday is amazing!” I said, and saw the little fellow smile as I went on and asked, “Have all the trials been successful?”
“Sir,” said the little fellow, “This is one of the most effective vaccines in the world. It was used over seventy years ago, and today you and over a billion people in this country are free because of it. It was also used by the blacks in America, and with one dose given by Martin Luther King they are equal to the whites!”

“Hey!” I asked, “What vaccine is this?”

“The Gandhi Vaccine!” said the little fellow with an impish grin, “Just see how well it works! People have thrown away their masks and are at peace with each other.

“But,” I said, looking at the little chap, a frown on my face, “What we need is a Covid vaccine!”

“A vaccine, after which people will go back to their hate and violence?” asked the little wise fellow shuddering.
“And this Gandhi Vaccine?” I asked.

“May well be the cure for communal and religious intolerance, rape, and yes, even the deadly virus!”

“How’s that?” I asked.

“Because, even as this kills hatred and sexual perversion, remember sir, a peaceful mind brings restoration and I’m sure a dose of the Gandhi Vaccine, could raise virus immunity through a healed self!”

“What are the ingredients?” I asked, as the little fellow passed me yesterday’s paper and I read, “Non-Violence and Love for one another!”

I looked round for the boy but couldn’t find him, and then did what very many were doing; walking across and joining the queue for the Gandhi Vaccine!

“The Gandhi Vaccine!” I thought out loud, “Is just what we need to treat our virus infected nation..!”


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