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Challenge to be Energetic

P. A. Joseph P. A. Joseph
05 Feb 2024
Energy is the gift of the universe. We come across many dimensions and aspects of energy, and being energetic is one of them.

Here comes a man carrying on his shoulders a bundle of firewood. Someone asks him: "what is it that you are carrying". " I am carrying the source of energy; I cook my food with this; I make warm water to drink and to bathe; This keeps my room warm; I light up my house with this; this is the source of doing so many things around me; I have the power of energy with me". Albert Einstein, the great scientist, said that everything is energy. According to him, the whole universe is composed of energy. Whatever exists in the universe is energy. In that way, everything is due to energy; energy has no beginning, no end; it is eternal, so to speak. Einstein's reflection is fantastic.

Energy is the gift of the universe. We come across many dimensions and aspects of energy, and being energetic is one of them. We come across people, women and men, who exude energy; we also meet others who are not energetic. Of the latter, the epitaph is meaningful: "She/he was born in 1950, died in 2024, but never lived". We experience physical energy, mental energy, spiritual energy, etc. Also, we experience subconscious energy, which has much to do with our lives. Even subconscious energy is produced by our conscious energy. Being fully conscious, aware, creative, and interested in my work creates subconscious energy. I write, sing, play, and dance, and all these are influenced by my subconscious energy. In this way, conscious and subconscious energy work in close collaboration for a brilliant person.

Even when I sleep, my subconscious is functioning to support me. I must be energetic in thinking, working, or doing whatever is at hand. If I keep a positive vision, I will keep growing in my energetic life. This is led by my positive and optimistic attitude. Similarly, if I engage in negative actions like worry, hate, fear, suspicion, anger, and rage, I lose energy and harbour miserable conditions. I ruin myself. But I can remedy this through a positive mental attitude.

Our mental battery needs to be recharged when we feel that we are unduly sleepy or tired, unfriendly and suspicious, insulting and hostile, irritable, sarcastic or mean, nervous, excited, hysterical, worrisome, fearful, jealous, rash, ruthless, excessively selfish, too much emotional, depressed, frustrated etc. In these mental situations, I must be action-oriented and develop a positive life attitude. Change of place, change of work area, willingness to ignore much of the tense issues, and sticking to one's own duty, etc., would help. In that way, energy is regained by physical strength, vitality, mental understanding and acceptance of the situation, etc.

One must experience the joy of a loving mother, a caring father, an affectionate son, and a lovely daughter, and all these extended to the friends in the neighbourhood. Apart from these, constantly examine the energy level, whether it is directed to proper channels or is short-circuited and wasted, the source of physical and spiritual atmosphere, how to avoid neutralising fatigue, reading inspirational books, and thus be energetic and act energetically. The energetic person that you are is your magnificent gift to the world.

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