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Challenging Life

P. A. Joseph P. A. Joseph
27 Mar 2023
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), German music composer and one of the top world musicians, who had directed numerous orchestra programmes

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), German music composer and one of the top world musicians, who had directed numerous orchestra programmes, was gradually losing his hearing capacity and by the time he was 40 he was totally deaf. But this did not make him stop his work, he continued with the same acumen and perfection to the admiration of all. It was really a wonder and miracle for his companions the great singers.

Another quality to be imbibed is courage to be cool and relaxed in spite of hard and tensed moments. We see people who can do hard work, but no one can approach them while they are busy with work. It is a great quality to be involved in strenuous work even for days and at the same time to be able to relax with friends and family. 

The more I am involved in many tasks I must learn to have a harmonious life. The best quality table fans, even while in full speed, do not make any noise, not even vibrations. Same is the story of modern machines. These show harmony and symphony.

Smile has tremendous power. It is the beginning of friendship. Smile can bring in peace and it is a healing balm to any one in stress. 

Expect the unexpected. A farmer was working hard in a strange field, cutting the hard soil with his spade and axe. The ground was very hard, and he realized that he was cutting heavy gold pieces. He was so much excited and quietly purchased the plot of land which fetched him millions of rupees. Luck and benefits come to the one who works hard. 

Most of the discoveries are made in quite unexpected ways. Fleming, the British bacteriologist, discovered penicillin by pure chance. He found in his laboratory that in the dish something was killing the bacteria. He began to study on it and invented penicillin. Sir Isaac Newton saw an apple falling and began to think why apple is falling down and not going up. He began to study on it and discovered the theory of universal gravitation.

All these facts enable us to look for fresh places, new people, interesting verities, challenging situations, useful contacts and thus fresh encounters and business. Always expect the unexpected. 

In this context it is advisable to travel often. Seeing is learning. Take a different route. Do something you have never tried. Read a book or learn a new thing you have never tried. Give randomness to your career, it may surprise others but it will speak of originality. When you show originality, others will follow and life becomes more interesting. 

Unknowingly you build up a friendly team around you. There is an unknown fear to meet a stranger, but if I take courage and meet him/her for the first time, may be, I would find a friend in that person. Creating social contact is not magic. It is simply to get out of the routine feeling, and in that way a social network is created. These are all very simple wherever we are.

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