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Creating Genuine Power

P. A. Joseph P. A. Joseph
02 Oct 2023

We are in the vast arena of the universe. Vasudeiva Kudumbakom, the wide world is my home, is the motto. In this broad context and milieu we make our special reflection. We make our home in the universe. Devoid of us the universe is void; we alone can fill that void; this is my life-long and eternal call: to be in the universe and in that way create it with no stop in between. If we make it our home we are totally accepted by the same as his/her/its. 

This process is bringing attention to our internal dynamics, our experience of it, the thoughts that precede and the thoughts that accompany. This is very significant and important. This is again to say that our contact and preoccupation is with the universe and nothing less than that. This demands a series of activities that stimulate our emotional experience that may cause change in us, around us and in the involvement with everything outside. In this process we will experience new consciousness and awareness that will guide the details of our being and functioning. Further in the process we will experience multi-sensory perspectives which are far wider than the sensory realm, dimension, contact, knowledge and experience. 

The heart is at the center of the authentic power; that is to say that love is at the center; and everything must be in the context of loving. The process of reflecting about the genuine power is like a smooth ride over the calm backwaters of Kerala where there is no fear of waves or wind. The universe is the context and the consciousness of the same in our reflection. It leads to harmony, cooperation, concord, sharing, reverence for life, peace, blending, friendship, mellifluousness, joyfulness, congruence, oneness, and so on. It is constantly related to or in reference to the good of others. 

The total other-centeredness is a very dynamic aspect of the reflection. The prayer opens the mind and heart to/for others. The whole universe is a source of love, concern, sympathy, compassion, tenderness, kind-heartedness, fellow-feeling, care, with unlimited interest and tolerance to approach everything and everyone. The creation of authentic and genuine power is an ongoing heart fullness meditation.  When we say it is ongoing, it means it is a continuous procedure, schedule, agenda, and plan of action. In this programme, the energy currents of love are identified and actively cultivated. 

Further in this, the control of the frightened parts of the personality gradually dissipates, and the fulfilling, healing, energizing, invigorating, creative energy of the heart is replaced. This demands full and active awareness and deeply conscious concentration in the procedure. The awareness of the mind and heart has to go together as one reality. Experience of the mind and heart go together to find unity, connection and oneness with all that is. Here we will find the depth and beauty of the Universal humanity, which are the context and the ultimate end of our reflection. This will lead to the oneness, fullness of life, as we look at a circle in which every point is beginning and end, and is complete; here we experience the process of creating genuine power in our life in the whole universe.

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