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Delivering Judgements with Wrong Glasses..!

Robert Clements Robert Clements
25 Mar 2024

"These judges," swore the village chieftain as he stood at the edge of his village along with his deputy and looked back at the village they ruled together. "Something is wrong with their vision!"

"I totally agree," said his bald chief, "When almost the whole of our village agrees with our policies, these judges are turning to be a pain in the…."

"Neck!" said his bearded chief quickly, "Lets' not say anything worse, or we will be hauled up for contempt of court, but we certainly need to straighten their vision!"

"I have a man who can help," said his deputy. "He is willing to go into the judges' chambers and steal their glasses! Once we send those glasses for testing, we will understand why they cannot see like the rest of the village, at least the majority of them!"

"Excellent," said the chief. "I have been able to change some of the previous judges by giving them a seat in the village council after retirement and blackmailing one or two into giving favourable judgements, but today, seeing their latest verdict, we really need to correct their vision."

It was a week later that the two met again at the edge of the village, where no one, including Pegasus the horse with wings, would be able to listen in, "What have you found?" asked the bearded chief, looking at the stolen glasses in the hands of his deputy.

"My ophthalmologist said that the glasses belonging to the judges certainly have a different vision than what we've given to the people."

"Good!" beamed his leader, "Now all we have to do is to correct them, then put them back on their respective tables, before the next judgement is delivered. Tell your ophthalmologist to get on with his job!"

"He said he can't," said the bald deputy gloomily.

"What!" roared the chief, "just put the village tax collector or Pandu our policeman after him, and he will do what we say!"

The bald deputy looked wearily at his bearded chief, "He says their vision cannot be corrected, because the lens they are looking through is made of an unchangeable glass!"

"That was what was said about our village people," smirked the chief, "But once we mixed huge doses of fear, religion, and huge vats of hate and lies, we were able to correct the vision of the majority of the people!"

"But this glass is different sir," said the deputy.

"What are these glasses made of?" roared the angry chief.

"Some material from a root called the Constitution, mixed with huge doses of truth, poured into a cauldron called justice, then tempered with equity and fairness!"

The bearded chief looked fearfully at his deputy, then whispered, "Quick, put those glasses back on their tables, before the majority who are our supporters see them and also want the same..!"


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