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Dharma Rajya Movement

Acharyasri Acharyasri
26 Jul 2021

“Congress has won political freedom, but it has yet to win economic, social and moral freedoms. These freedoms are more difficult than political, if only because they are constructive, less exciting and not spectacular” -- Mahatma Gandhi (New Delhi, 27 January 1948)
‘Purna Swaraj’ was adopted as the birth right of all Indians in the 1929 Lahore Congress. It was envisaged to be built on the pillars of political, economic, social and moral freedoms. Out of these four-fold freedoms, India had won her political freedom in 1947. But even after seven decades and more of her political freedom, India is yet to win the remaining three freedoms that are essential for her to become a ‘Sovereign Democratic Republic’ that she is envisioned to be. Poverty and unemployment in the country have increased with the COVID-19 pandemic. Discriminations based on caste, class and religion are still widespread. Corruption, communalism and criminalism are all-pervasive. Added to these evils enslaving Mother India today are an authoritarian regime intolerant of any criticism and a pseudo-nationalism based on a majoritarian fanaticism. 

The pandemic-devastated India urgently needs a ‘Second Freedom Struggle’ to win the economic, social and moral freedoms that are yet to be won for her. Mahatma Gandhi had pointed out that these freedoms would be more difficult than the political freedom, and that they would not be as exciting and spectacular as the first Freedom Struggle.  It will demand a greater amount of suffering. It will also demand sacrifices of supreme order. These will not be possible without the grace, power and wisdom of God. 

‘Dharma Rajya Movement’ (DRM) is envisaged to be such a ‘Second Freedom Struggle’ to be initiated during the Platinum Jubilee of India’s Independence with the grace, power and wisdom of God. It aims to transform the pandemic-devastated India into a spiritually awakened, morally regenerated, economically prosperous and politically strong ‘Bharatiya Dharma Rajya’ that will be a Mother of love and Princess of peace in the world family of nations, and a disciple nation of God on earth. The Fundamental Duties of Indian citizens given under Article 51-A of the Indian Constitution (‘Bharatiya Dharma’) will provide a strong inter-religious foundation for the Bharatiya Dharma Rajya of our vision and for the Dharma Rajya Movement to realize that vision. 

A socio-spiritual ideology termed ‘Tyagarchana’ developed and adopted for DRM will provide a strong ideological foundation for this Second Freedom Struggle of India. ‘Tyagarchana’ is both an inter-religious sadhana as well as a socio-spiritual ideology. It involves sacrificing something one likes (Tyaga) and offering the time, energy or money saved from such sacrifices to God (Archana) by using them for rendering selfless service to needy fellow beings with love.  The ideology of Tyagarchana involves an economic system based on cooperation instead of competition and a political system based on decentralization of authority and resources. In this process, the last and least among the citizens of India must be given preference as advised my Mahatma Gandhi through his famous ‘Talisman’.

Following the model of the first Freedom Struggle, Dharma Rajya Movement will have a 3-tier comprehensive action plan consisting of a common basic programme, a large number of constructive programmes and a common liberative campaign. The common basic programme adopted for the Dharma Rajya Movement is termed ‘Tyagarchana Jaiva Samrudhi’.  It consists of setting apart Rs. 10/- every day and contributing one hour of physical labour daily as Tyagarchana and using them creatively to produce organic food items necessary for one’s own family/community. The constructive programmes can be adopted and promoted by all responsible citizens in their own areas of residence from among the 12 ‘Additional Ministries’ already presented as part of the Integral Renaissance of India in the book under the same title. One can also take up one’s own constructive action programmes inspired by the Bharatiya Dharma constituted by the 11 Fundamental Duties of citizens given under Article 51-A of the Constitution and guided by the Gandhian Talisman.  

One or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by the UN can also be taken up as constructive programmes of DRM.  The common liberative campaign of Dharma Rajya Movement is termed ‘Attitude of Gratitude Campaign’. It consists of expressing our joyful gratitude to God every morning for the gift of yet another day of life. It also consists of thanking everyone for any help extended to us and for any kindness shown to us or any kind words spoken to us. 

Dharma Rajya Vedi (DRV) is responsible to promote the Dharma Rajya Movement. DRV is a Moral Regeneration Force for the Integral Renaissance of India. ‘Disciples of Christ for Peace’ is an ecumenical communion of love which is called to provide the necessary ‘soul force’ to DRV and its divine mission. The book titled ‘Integral Renaissance of India’ authored by the founder of DRV & DCP serves as the ‘mission manual’ for them and for the Dharma Rajya Movement. 

Members of DRV have started a month-long fasting and prayer programme with effect from 15th July. Dharma Rajya Movement will be initiated with a collective fasting and prayer by all like-minded citizens on 15th August 2021. This will be a befitting tribute to the Platinum Jubilee of India’s political freedom to be celebrated in 2022. All peace-loving and spiritually inclined responsible citizens can join this ‘Second Freedom Struggle’ by joining the fasting and prayer programme on 15th August 2021 from their own homes/places of residence. They can thereafter make the vision, ideology and action plan of Dharma Rajya Movement their own and promote them among their own family/community members as well as among like-minded friends and fellow citizens. DRV will be glad to provide all possible guidance and coordination. An E-Journal named ‘Dharma Rajya’ is also being published by DRV. 

(The writer is National Coordinator of DRV. For further details, please contact: 

E-mail: swamisachidananda@gmail.com/gsachen@gmail.com) 

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