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Dictatorial Path

P. A. Chacko P. A. Chacko
29 Jan 2024

The way events are shaped indicates that the nation's fate is in one man's grip, Mr. Modi. The latest example exposes Modi. Political observers are quick to point out that the absence of certain important persons at the Ayodhya mega event is enough to show that Modi wanted to grab all glory, honour and limelight as the sole pilot of India's destiny in the days and years to come.

On January 22, at the Pran Prathishta ceremony at Ayodhya, President Draupadi Murmu was nowhere. If she, as the head of a secular nation, opted out, she needs to be congratulated. But, if she is kept out with hidden overtones, it is a different matter. Modi's double engine colleague Amit Shah was apportioned a different route, as it were. Rajnath Singh, Yogi, J. P. Nadda, Advani and other luminaries of the Hindutva brigade were made to get lost in the maze somewhere. Even when the four Shakaracharyas pointed out the inappropriateness of the blessing of the half-completed temple and the incompetency of Modi as the 'Yajman' during the ceremony, Modi did what he wanted. Modi put his foot down, defending himself against all arrows of criticism and opposition, ignoring that he was the Prime Minister of a secular nation.

Ashok Wankhede, the irrepressible 'tiger' of Maharashtra and veteran political commentator, points out that such a going was expected of Modi because of the number of times Modi has laid claim to divine right: 'I have been chosen by God'; 'God made me an instrument to represent at the Pran Pratishta'; 'God has chosen me to empower women'; 'Lord Shiva chose me for the development of Kashi Vishwanath'; 'God chose me to build Kedarnath'; 'God chose me for a noble task'. Wankhede's cryptic and sharp conclusion is: 'The message is clear - The nation became Modi, not Janata Janardhan; Modi is Ram, Ram is Modi'.

There were medieval European kings like Henry VIII of England, James VI of Scotland and Louis XIV of France and their successors who arrogated all power and glory by claiming that they had the divine approval or 'mandate' to function as absolute monarchs. They were not accountable to anyone, not even the Parliament or any other earthly power. They were not subject to the people's will or any judicial authority. Any restriction or any dissenting voice against their rule or way of functioning or any attempt to depose or dethrone them would be against God's will and would constitute a sacrilege. There was no question of human rights such as liberty, equality, dignity or freedom. Fear stalked the land. Repression, censorship, imprisonment, executions, ostracism, etc., were imposed at the whim and fancy of the ruler.

Is India taking the path towards the reign of an absolute ruler or autocrat claiming 'divine right'? If Modi pops up again for another term, political dictatorship cannot be ruled out.

We have been watching with consternation how the BJP government under the stewardship of Modi has been following a path of repression. The sinister way the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has been unleashed as a watchdog to witch-hunt and disable opposition leaders and all those who express dissenting opinions has been mind-boggling. Even parliamentarians from opposition parties were thrown out of the Parliament for asking questions or raising questions in the temple of democracy. In their absence, laws were passed with a brute "majority".

The democratic way of functioning has been relegated to the background. Dissenting persons are jailed under the pretext of anti-national activity.
How the Election Commission holds on to the controversial EVM machine shows how it functions under the ruling party's mandate. Modi wants to stage a comeback as PM with the help of the EVM. However, the nationwide angst and resentment against the EVM magic box are building up to a boiling point.

A particular characteristic of a dictatorial functioning is creating a surveillance Raj. That is where the central government under Modi is said to use all the central vigilance and law enforcement agencies to terrorise citizens and non-BJP state governments with the midnight knock.

The way Rahul Gandhi-led Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra has been attacked in BJP-ruled Assam demonstrates the threat perception Modi's government is infested with. Such a perception of threat caused the expulsion of Rahul Gandhi and Mahua Moitra, who asked uncomfortable questions while exercising their democratic right as Parliamentarians. A recent cartoon was perceptive. The 'dead body' of India's journalism was being carried to the burning ghat with the usual invocations. The message was clear: that freedom of expression is dead in today's India. In another instance, a lady journalist bemoaned: 'The India of my dreams is dead'. She spoke in the context of the Prime Minister of secular India acting as the chief whip of the Ayodhya temple ceremony, invoking divine right, as if laying the foundation stone of the Hindu Rashtra. After the Puja ceremony, Modi declared: 'This is the beginning of a new era', a veiled statement meaning 'Hindu Rashtra is coming of age'.

Considering the feelers, it is clear that the path of the dictator Raj is getting spruced up with Chanakya's sagacity. With the actualisation of that Raj, the rest will follow. Minorities may be derecognised. Their status under the Constitution will be dumped. The Dalits will go further down the ladder. School and college syllabi will be in Vedic format. The judiciary will function with the rules of Manu and Chanakya. Democratic ideals and Constitutional principles will be given a permanent holiday. The secular Constitution will be abolished. The Tricolour Flag will get a colour wash. And more!

Is that the end of the world? It is for every honest citizen to answer. India, with its ancient prowess and modern freedom of spirit, cannot be surrendered to demagogues and teleprinter-prompted babblers. The sagging spirit of India needs to be revived by people standing up for truth, justice, equality and fellowship. This free India won with the blood and sweat of our great men and women as freedom fighters should not be reduced to a mere tool to be handled by incompetent and power-mongering hackers.

The pillars of democracy need protection. The democratic ideals of our Constitution need safety and security against political marauders and religious mandarins.

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