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Farmers' Protest and the Global Context

Don Aguiar Don Aguiar
26 Feb 2024

The globalist criminal plan of which India is a part wants to destroy traditional agriculture, animal husbandry, and fishing to force people to eat artificial food produced by multinational corporations. And it is the big investors and the World Economic Forum (WEF) that are lobbying parliaments to impose a devastating and inhuman "transition".

This is not just any protest: this is perhaps the last chance the people have to restore their rights and free themselves from the tyranny of parliaments and a minority of criminal billionaires whom no one has elected and who claim to decide what we should think, buy, eat, and learn; what drugs we should be treated with; how and whether we can travel. And all this is based on Lies, Blackmail, Global Warming and Corruption: there is no climate, health, or energy emergency.

Like the farmers protesting in Europe and elsewhere, the farmers in India are protesting for the same reasons. Sadly, the Indian government is treating these farmers as terrorists and spreading false propaganda against them because of their 'Delhi Chalo' farmers' protest for a minimum support price (MSP), without which farmers are incurring losses.

On their way to the 'Delhi Chalo' protest site, the farmers are made to face off against all types of barbed wires, water cannons, cement blocks, road spikes, and other barricades, including the Haryana Police's latest display of tear gas carrying drones at Shambu border near Ambala, as if for war, operated by well-armed police and paramilitary in their legitimate demand for MSP.

The use of drones equipped with tear gas against civilians is the implementation of a militarised technology in local policing. It is a strategy that was employed by the Israeli army in Gaza. Its demonstration in advance and intended use on a peaceful protest is immoral and illegal.

In addition, high-frequency internet shutdowns and website blocking orders were issued as the farmers' protest gathered momentum towards Delhi.

It is plain that the government only favours its cronies who finance their re-elections and purchase of corrupt opposition politicians.

Regulating protest in aid of the right of free speech and peaceful assembly in Indian democracy is very different from the current Indian government's outright prohibition of the exercise of such rights. It creates more inconvenience due to unreasonable measures and lack of SOPs – one doesn't see farmers but blockades by police. Where does the state get the authority to tear up and damage public infrastructure come from?


All the reasons given by the globalist network to legitimize their action are false, or rather, they are false pretexts that deliberately hide other unmentionable reasons. There is nothing scientific or rational about the measures taken to address recent crises. Instead, there is a willingness to hide their criminal intentions behind flimsy arguments, in pursuit of which we only waste time and energy. The pandemic farce, the crises in Ukraine and Palestine, global warming, and everything that, in theory, is said to justify the measures taken by governments, the European Union, and the United Nations against us have the sole purpose of making any opposition impossible, in the name of emergencies that have been pre-planned down to the smallest detail.


To achieve the transition of the population to the globalist model in which everything is in the hands of the elite, the architects of the Great Reset act deliberately, step by step. The first step is to place their "product" – because it is a product they sell – alongside what we already have or can have by our own means. The new alternative – which has a cost in economic and human terms for the user – is not imposed but simply presented as a possibility. Once they have succeeded in introducing their "product," they make sure that our first option is unsustainable because it has become too expensive or hampered by government regulations. Obviously, cost increases are intentionally caused using crises and managed emergencies as the pretext. Thus, we find ourselves no longer having, free of charge or at reasonable prices, the goods and services we previously had, and we are forced to accept that we can only have their "product" – whose price and delivery conditions they decide.

This transition is obviously a forced one, and it aims to take away the autonomy that we previously had. We cannot eat natural foods because the fields have been expropriated, or the farms have been bankrupted, or because governments and multinational corporations pay them not to produce, or because trade agreements oblige governments to import. This is the mentality of blackmail: closing all possible escape routes from the globalist nightmare to force us in the desired direction in the name of an imaginary impending danger (the pandemic, used to force vaccinations; the Ukrainian crisis, used to increase energy costs; the declining birth rate, used to import cheap labour with relative ethnic replacement).

Global Warming.

Looking at things from this perspective, it appears as a colossal (false) pretext aimed at imposing Agenda 2030, which results in a transfer of money from small and medium-sized enterprises to large financial groups, with impoverishment of the population and disproportionate profits for multinationals based in tax havens. This scheme is invariably used even in areas that seem to escape the mercantile logic that moves these subversives. You are aware of many cases in which these principles apply.


Lies, blackmail and global warming, then corruption: because without the active cooperation of the political class, the media, the judiciary, the police, teachers, doctors, and even an ecclesiastical hierarchy that has become the servant of the elite, these lies and blackmail would not have been possible.

The only real emergency is our betrayal by our elected governments – to the detriment of the entire human race. The servility of the whole political class, the media censorship, the silence of the judiciary, and the complicity of the law enforcement and armed forces in the face of this coup are scandalous.

The time has come for the people to courageously and firmly claim their natural and inalienable rights. The resignation of those who rule us on behalf of a subversive elite and against the people must be obtained.

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