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Hindutva Agenda Picks up Momentum

P. A. Chacko P. A. Chacko
11 Sep 2023

We are in for troubled times. Portentous events are happening. Not just reaching the moon in search of craters. Down here on earth the ground reality is getting more ominous.

Till now we have had motivated adult politicians, desperate sadhus and sadwins mouthing ignominious and visceral language to whip up communal frenzy and vilify minority communities especially the Muslims. 

Upping the ante, the new breed of school-going children of the Hindu Rashtravadi community is being groomed for the purpose. They are helped to graduate in hate politics by training them to slap Muslim children, their classmates in the presence of all the students. 

The recent incident in North India has raised global anger temperature. The fault of the child apparently was that he had not done his homework. But, deep down, the smoldering fire of hatred against Islam and Muslims was turning into lapping flames. The school children who were ordered to whip up the fury of the flames should turn out to be the lynching acolytes of the Hindu Rashtra. 

This is part of the agenda-based anti-Muslim rhetoric being played out in Indian schools and you may not be surprised if such exercises will be made part of the new veda-based curriculum in the making. 

The grooming of our young minds under the very eyes of the nation’s Prime Minister and the President is under operation in full swing. I wonder what are the priorities of these highest national leaders to whom we have entrusted the role of governing this democratic nation. How serious are they in upholding the Constitutional ideals of democracy, equality, fundamental rights, secularism, and the like.   

Is the Prime Minister playing ignorant of such toxic goings on? The nation wants to know. 

With regard to President Droupadi Murmu, we want her to stand up and speak up. Madame President, we find your silence stifling on many occasions. The Manipur ethnic violence should have made you spring to action. But, sadly, we never heard your whimpers and murmurs, reactions or responses. 

The President is the head of the nation. It is expected of the President to do more than signing on the dotted lines for the Executive in power. Even if the ruling BJP wants you to be kept in harness and brought out on occasions as ornamental piece, we the citizens of the nation want to see you functioning as the seasoned Head of the nation and vibrating with inspirational strokes. 

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