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Living With Team Spirit

P. A. Joseph P. A. Joseph
05 Jun 2023
Being a child (child in spirit) always, remaining a youth always, will keep us cute and active. There is no chance of being high and low, male or female, rich or poor and avoiding all that are divisive.

We are always in the company/community of people as in families, schools, training centers, institutions, work areas, societies, different groups of people, all irrespective of religion, sex, age, language, migration, foreign nationals, people of different position, land holding, caste, tribe, place of origin, different exposures, various studies, experiences, political awareness, leadership qualities, holding government or private jobs, financial background as rich or poor, laborers, etc. This is a picture of people where we are. All these people together make our society. What a magnanimous and stupendous context we are in. Positively looking there could not be a better world than this. All are connected and involved mutually in one way other. There is no one as an outsider. In one way or other, all contribute towards making a better place to live and function.

But, how to enjoy living in this context? All the individuals, women, men and children have to contribute in different ways. One point which we can always do is to learn from children, to be active, free, curious, cute, playful and moving forward. In psychology we say that we must keep the inner child in us always alive. There is no question of losing the childhood -- to sing, to dance, to play, to run, etc. Children are kept united by activities guided by parents/ teachers or even by themselves. This is to be promoted by all means. 

Being a child (child in spirit) always, remaining a youth always, will keep us cute and active. There is no chance of being high and low, male or female, rich or poor and avoiding all that are divisive. There must be more of blending and balancing instead of keeping separation /isolation under some narrow and hidden motives. Society needs blending and balancing, mixing and merging, and thus creating team spirit, and being melted into one single group. Leaders must sense the need of the people and comply with the reality. In this kind of formation of the group leaders must not stand for rigorous values but be willing to accept relative ones and understanding. Further they must emphasize not on narrow values but go for broader ones, so that everyone is included in the team. Inclusive guidelines must be chosen than any sort of opposite ones. 

People must be given platform to express themselves and that in line of learning to accommodate other’s differences. They must feel that in the group there is lot of work- potential with individuals and the group. All must breathe freedom and grow in mindfulness and joy. Each one must be guided to listen to one’s own inner voice and personal conviction. The participants must discern difficulties both in oneself and as a group. Balancing, blending and merging are great human qualities. The absence of these can cause tension in group, resulting in breakup of societies and groups. 

Blending and balancing presuppose self-knowledge, acceptance, forgiveness and self-esteem. Zen Buddhism is the essential wisdom of being released from your worldly desires and establishing a balance within yourself, undisturbed by what happens outside. Reflection helps to develop keen awareness to win all these. But remember, there is nobody better at being you than you. This is the wisdom of Zen belief and trust.

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