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Love or Hate, You Decide...!

Robert Clements Robert Clements
22 Apr 2024

Say what you want, but I feel there's something slowly making an impact on India, one that is making the ruling party afraid, and that is love! Yes, Rahul Gandhi, instead of returning bitter speech with anger, is using the greatest tool man can ever use: love: hugging the masses, hearing their sad stories, and walking that extra mile with them.

For a man whose father was assassinated and whose grandmother was killed, it speaks volumes about how he has managed to get rid of anger, bitterness and resentment.

Max Lucado says: Resentment is the cocaine of the emotions. It causes our blood to pump and our energy level to rise. But, also like cocaine, it demands increasingly large and more frequent dosages. There is a dangerous point at which anger ceases to be an emotion and becomes a driving force. A person bent on revenge moves unknowingly further and further away from being able to forgive, for to be without anger for him or her is to be without a source of energy.

Hatred is the rabid dog that turns on its owner.

Revenge is the raging fire that consumes the arsonist.

Bitterness is the trap that snares the hunter.

And mercy is the choice that can set them all free.

Anger is the noise of the soul.

Anger: The unseen irritant of the heart. Anger the relentless invader of silence….

The louder it gets, the more desperate we become….

X-ray the world of the vengeful and behold the tumour of bitterness: black, menacing, malignant. Its fatal fibres creep around the edge of the heart and ravage it. Yesterday you can't alter, but your reaction to yesterday you can. The past you cannot change, but your response to your past you can.

Bitterness is its own prison. The sides are slippery with resentment. A floor of muddy anger stills the feet. The stench of betrayal fills the air and stings the eyes. A cloud of self-pity blocks the view of the tiny exit above. Step in and look at the prisoners. Victims are chained to the walls—victims of betrayal, victims of abuse.

You can choose, like many, to chain yourself to your hurt…. Or you can choose, like some, to put away your hurts before they become hate….

How does a really spiritual person deal with his bitter, angry, resentful heart? He builds bridges by healing hurts. He prevents conflicts by touching the interior, and he cultivates harmony by sowing seeds of peace in fertile hearts.

What kind of a leader do you want, one driven by hate or someone who reaches out with love?

Today, hate and anger of never before proportions have engulfed our country. Do we want this to continue, or do we want love? You can soon decide, with the power the ink on your finger has...!

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