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Ringing in Bharat

P. A. Chacko P. A. Chacko
02 Oct 2023

What is in a name Mr. Modi? In the words of the Shakespearean muse, “What is in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” (Romeo and Juliet)

You and your Parivar are in a hurry to ring in the new avatar called Bharat. And, people in the nation know well that, if ever you or your party will re-emerge at the helm, you will steer India into Bharat.

Will the citizens of this nation have to watch with trepidation your act of downing the nation’s Tri-colour Flag and hoisting the saffron one? 

Will it be a ‘Ram Rajya’, where your lynching mobs and marauding religious fanatics will have a bulldozer type of heyday, going on a murder spree to eliminate minority religious communities? Is mine a scatter-brained query when we have been watching the minority communities made the target of agenda-backed attacks?  

Will we have the sad fate of seeing the dumping of our nation’s Constitution and replacing it with a non-secular, non-democratic Constitution, stuffed with Vedic mantras and Manuvadi laws glorifying ‘varna vyavasta’? Our fear is not ill-founded. We have already seen fanatical antics by your bhakts advocating such a move to devalue the present Constitution. The Hindu News reported that, in August 2018, an incident of burning a copy of the Constitution took place in Delhi. Slogans were raised denouncing Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and the SC/ST community.

I have no quarrel with you Mr. Narendra Modi about your proposal for a new paradise called Bharat. No quarrel, Sir, if it is going to be a nation with a sea-change from the present disastrous dispensation. That means, we the citizens will not have any aversion to anyone as the Prime Minister as long as he does not take us for a ride with lies and false promises to hoodwink us. That is where the seasoned citizens will not stomach any more ‘jumlas’. However, an educated, well respected, laudable and a figure worthy national respect and international standing, we believe, will steer the nation into a livable and lovable state of affairs.  A gentleman, devoid of ego mania, cunning arrogance, fascist or fundamentalist leanings and affiliations, will fit the bill.  

Will the new nation be one where our political leaders will not nurse the harp or twiddle and fiddle while marauding minions destroy shrines and prayer halls of minority religious communities? The current facts are formidable. From Gujarat to Manipur via Kandhamal, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand, horrendous waves of violence against Muslims, Christians, Adivasis, and Dalits have been taking place, inviting even international condemnations. Five months on, Manipur is still in the grip of man-made disaster! Even acclaimed news agencies reporting facts have had the fate of legal censure against them with criminal cases.

We shall have no quarrel with your Bharat if there will be an environment of national fellowship, religious freedom, and amicable co-existence of all citizens irrespective of party affiliations, religious differences or community identities. The way the Sangh Parivar is harnessing the arsenal of religious hatred, hate speeches, vilifying remarks, even in the temple of democracy, does not promise us a livable and lovable Bharat.

In the new Bharat dispensation, will the new Temple of Democracy be turned into a play ground for abusive verbal gymnastics and hate speeches? The recent happening, where your party man giving free rein to his most unparliamentary language and going scot-free, does not augur well for a happy future. 

Will the wave of violence and agenda-based ethnic cleansing be carried over with greater vigour into the new set up? Will we have the sad fate of watching helplessly mindless politicians and power-hungry leaders condoning such madness and seeking to play with fire?

Many are raising fears that, in a new saffronized Bharat, the Executive head may even roll up all the pillars of democracy into one of autocracy. If that ever happens, the sacrifices of our forefathers and freedom fighters will have been reduced to dust. Are you going to be enthroned to preside over such a calamitous eventuality?

In the new Bharat, can you and your backroom advisers ensure that the pulverized economic situation will be brought back on rail? 

Given the past hoodwinking fodder of promises we have been fed with, concerning bringing back the hidden Swiss deposits and no legal action on defaulters, how can the nation be entrusted with failed politicians to pilot it? 

How will the disgruntled and disappointed farmers enter the ‘golden gates’ of Bharat even as they have been struggling to survive, while many have committed suicide?

What does the new Bharat have in store for its citizens? A nation where all dissent will be condemned as criminal and anti-national, and a heyday for crawling news makers? Will it be full of politicians who beg and crawl before us at election time and blindfold themselves after winning? Politicians and leaders who will devalue Mahatma Gandhi by burning his effigy and replace him with his killer as national hero? We have heard vociferous claims in such manner foreboding the shape of things to come.

By all standards, the proposed new Bharat will don a new colour and character to fit in with the agenda of the Hindu Rashtra. 

Mr. Modi, That is where many will have their differences with you and your Parivar. Conscientious citizens will not tolerate such a state of affairs wherein the citizens will be puppets in the hands of a puppeteer. The king might go riding naked thinking blissfully that the gazing citizens are blind! 

The new INDIA formation is wishing that 2024 will be your political Waterloo. No comments!

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