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Strategy Training on Project Management

Sr. Ekta FSLG Sr. Ekta FSLG
24 Apr 2023
The training enabled them to have better understanding of how to proceed in project management to get the best and effective results.

Social directors and social activists from various states gathered at Velankanni Shrine Retreat Centre for a three-day Residential National Training from April 12 to 14. There were 112 delegates (from 61 Organisations of  Religious Congregations and 16 NGOs) who are working in the field. This is a continuation of the First Phase of Residential Training held in Kolkata 6 months ago. 

This was organised by the Capuchin Online Ministries (COM) of Amala Annai Capuchin Province, Tamil Nadu. Besides various international training by COM in the past 2 years, this network has begun professional support to various sectors. 

A team of four resource persons led the input sessions: Mr. Prabhakar, Fr. Stephen SJ, Mr. John Aruldoss and Fr. Nithiya ofm.cap. They conducted the input sessions and led the group interactions, group works, presentation and review. 

The training focused on various elements connected to Project Management: Human rights-based approach in socio-economic development, Theory of Change, quality management, the scope, schedule, resources, risk, procurement, stakeholder management, etc. There were sessions on CSR fund raising strategies, opportunities, networking and coordination. 

The sessions on the second day focused on Grant Development and Management; Techniques and Strategies, Logical Framework Approach (LFA), Budget and Timeline. The participants were classified into 10 groups and each worked on a proposal. 

This was critically reviewed with objective analysis. They participated in the Eucharist at the Shrine Basilica and special Rosary Procession in the evening. At the end of the day, each of the ten groups presented a street theatre on their specific issue. 

On the third day, the input sessions were on Monitoring and Evaluation, latest updates on 12A, 80G, FCRA and Donors’ Timeline etc. One of the groups was selected to present their project for objective review. 

This enabled the participants to critically understand the process, objectives, timeline, activities, use of SMART, etc. The final sessions were on fundraising and Development Foundations, both National & International.

Besides the input sessions and group works, the national training enabled the participants to interact with the undertakings of other organisations, and the strategies used to solve practical problems. 

The training enabled them to have better understanding of how to proceed in project management to get the best and effective results.

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