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Take Risks to Succeed

P. A. Joseph P. A. Joseph
18 Sep 2023

In hot climatic atmosphere we find many varieties of insects and flies. One kind of flies is called ‘bubble bee’. It has a bulky, round and heavy body with comparatively shorter wings. As per aeronautical laws this bee owing to overweight and short wing cannot fly. But the bee struggles hard and takes off, meeting all the risks of fall or any kind of accidents. 

Taking risks and struggling hard is the way to success in life. Taking risks and encountering hard life is not uncommon in any field of life. Even a little babe of a few months takes risk to roll onto its stomach and gradually to get up; the mother watches carefully and encourages the little one, always with a ready hand to support the lovely hero. We see the mother bird, after showing the baby bird how to fly, pushes it down; and the little bird flies for the first time. 

The element of taking risk is seen in all the historical events. One of the most important and highly risky events was the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus and team of 87 young men in 1492. It was the most risky voyage of the time taking about two months, facing shortage of food and even drinking water. The most important issue of the long travel was to keep alive the morale of the crew and the whole team. Their historical attempt was crowned with success though they had to suffer a lot both in the voyage and in the land. 

Another risky travel was that of Neil Armstrong and team to land on the moon. The risk involved was unimaginable. The American President Richard Nixon exclaimed and noted the event as the most important one after creation. In the field of science and technology there have been rapid and fantastic growth, but these are all coupled with risks. Taking risk is both positive and negative. 

In the area of digital field there are numerous areas of risk both at the personal and national realms. We are facing these in the political field too. Nobody can deny it. It is clear in the area of health and medicine. It was reported in Times of India that a child  Kanav Jangra aged 18 months, suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, is being treated with an injection named zolgensma costing 17.5 crore rupees. And it is useful only for two years. Here we see the risk involved and the struggle of the parents to raise fund for the same. The parents and donors take risk to save the most precious life of a little one. 

We see similar hundreds of examples in the field of medical science. One should remember that the risk-takers win always though the path is highly painful and hard. It is very simple to learn; if one never attempts at any hard thing it is difficult to explain. Any life honestly lived is risky; if one places too many safeguards against risks one would end up safeguarding fences and finish with that. Only risk-takers can excel. If you are not taking risk, you risk even more; and you will be a failure.

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