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We are Pearls

P. A. Joseph P. A. Joseph
11 Dec 2023

It is an exciting reality to feel that we are all pearls. Pearl is a beautiful thing made or formed in nature. There are many explanations for its formation. It has been discovered that sometimes irritants enter the oyster's body and accumulate, and eventually, a smooth pearl is made/formed. Oysters have a crusty and rough exterior and a flat and oval shape. When an oyster is fully grown, it breaks itself or is broken by the people and the pearls are collected from inside. Pearls are exquisite, sometimes of different colours. They are costly. Some would equate the earth that we live on with an oyster. We are made/formed here on earth. The World is our oyster! 

However, our position is that of the oyster, giving birth to pearls and being the pearl itself. It is like being akin to both the mother and the child simultaneously. It is a beautiful reality to reflect on.

Scientifically speaking, pearls are made of calcium carbonate. The earth’s crust is covered with it. The pearl is formed by continuous friction. This way, we can say that the pearl’s beauty is made from insult. Insults hurt, but here it hurt for betterment. Artificial pearls are manufactured worldwide. The pearls made this way are cheaper but still undergo the same process. 

The pearl must first accumulate more grit and then be ground and polished. It has to undergo this process millions of times before it develops into the final product. 

Similarly, we must accumulate the lessons we receive daily and then be ground and polished through suffering. We must also emulate the qualities of an oyster, sheltering and preparing a place for pearls to grow.

You are in a growing mountain of fortunes! Once, a semi-blind farm labourer was digging his little portion of land. While cutting the hard earth, he was stuck with hard yellow stone; someone had to make him realize that the whole little plot of land was gold! He became a wealthy millionaire!!!

At times, we cannot see the right thing with our perspective. At times like these, we need to see with our minds and hearts, not our eyes. To see mentally is to think, to contemplate. In this way, seeing is lovely as it goes beyond the world of materials. From this perspective, look around; acres of pearls and diamonds may be in your courtyard.

We must remind ourselves daily that our life is an oyster and keep producing and shaping lovely pearls!

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