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Weird Ways of Politicians

Don Aguiar Don Aguiar
20 Feb 2023
The more ignorant the people are, the more powerful the politician can be. The very meaning of politics is that people are not intelligent, but politicians are.

Anybody who is interested in power is suffering from an inferiority complex; deep down he feels himself worthless, inferior to others and transmits this inferiority complex to his team, nation or whoever they interact with. 

In many ways everybody is inferior. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not a Manmohan Singh, but there is no need to feel inferior because he cannot be, and it is not his cup of business. Manmohan Singh is not him (Modi) either. 

But the political mind suffers from a wound of inferiority, and the politician Modi goes on scratching the wound.

Politics does not really remove it, only covers it. Just sitting on a chair as the Prime Minister, what difference can it make to his inner situation?

He has reached higher and higher, and on each step of the ladder, the hope was that on the next step the wound would be healed.

People reach the highest rung of the ladder, then they become aware that they have arrived, but where? They have arrived the place for which they had been fighting – and it was not a small fight; it was tooth and nail – and destroying so many people, using so many people as means, and stepping on their heads.

Prime Minister Modi has arrived at the last rung of the ladder but what has he gained? It is better to go on smiling, give the Indian citizens false promises, control the freedom of speech of the citizens, opposition parties, judiciary and media, spread fake news and communal hatred with aim to establishing a Hindu Rashtra, and go on keeping the illusion: at least his bhakts believe that he is great. 

The Modi government sells religion to the masses and make coin for themselves. It’s been that way since they came to power in 2014. The Assam tableau had a Kamakhya replica; J&K tableau had Amaranth with chants of ‘bam bam bole’; Maharashtra had a Devi theme; Haryana had a Mahabharata Tableau; UP had Ramayana; Jharkhand had Badrinath Temple. In short, Hindu religiosity was on full display at the Republic Day Parade 2023.  

A politician lives on people’s lack of intelligence and his entire power rests on the people’s ignorance. The more ignorant the people are, the more powerful the politician can be. The very meaning of politics is that people are not intelligent, but politicians are. They will give the people a code of laws to help them organize their life. People are not intelligent enough to organize their own life; give the politicians the power and they will give the people a system. The people cannot be their own master; but make the politicians their masters who will take care of them, look after their interests; but alas! it speaks of a nation of politicians when its International medal winners are accusing a ruling party MP and their federation boss of sexual harassment and no action is taken. 

Criticism is essential for democracy; it strengthens democracy, rejuvenates and spiritizes democracy. But unfortunately, all through these 9 years, the present government has embraced 'Compulsive Criticism' in place of 'Constructive Criticism'. 

Prime Minister Modi is a leader with a huge bhakt following who cannot work out what to do on their own. So, politics will never want people to become aware – they should remain asleep. The circle of politics requires anger, hostility, jealousy, envy, spite, conflict. Only as long as these flames are burning within you, you are able to remain in politics. Violence, the urge to dominate others, the desire to oppress others, competition, rivalry – all these are needed in politics, which is identical to this leader.  

A politician feeds on war. If wars were to disappear, the politician would have no power. When there is a war, a politician becomes a great leader. Have you noticed (The surgical strikes across the border)? The greatness of any great political leader in the world depends on there being a war. If there isn’t a war, a politician cannot become a great leader in his lifetime. So, every politician wants a big war to take place during his lifetime so that he can be victorious and can prove that he was the right man. Politics is an expansion of the ego. 

However, in the light of what’s happening, I find it disturbing that people are so casual about going to war without fully understanding the ramifications of it! 

It doesn’t matter which party is in power or opposition as both have their agendas mapped out and this is an age-old trick from any history book where you create a sense of insecurity and fear to manipulate people and what you get is a dance of fascism, jingoistic performative patriotism that furthers their own agenda. 

What’s sad is that once our fear of national security is dubiously stoked, we start to panic and behave like rats following a savage pied piper, leading us to our own fall and fatality. 

The greatness of this leader is to get his Research-Planning-Expert Collaboration-Presentation-Building Informed Opinion-Building Consensus-Strategy & Communications-Collaborative Execution-Public Private Partnership (in specific instances) to further his control to maintain absolute control of the nation.

In the case of Prime Minister Modi, it's becoming amply clear that this greatness has been employed in full with the total backing of his cadre.

It is like when you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead. The pain is felt by others. The same thing happens when you’re stupid. 

It’s really pathetic when those who scream war expect someone else’s son to take a bullet for their pseudo patriotism! War is expensive, and no one wins except the ones from whom we import weapons and political parties who make you believe that they are protecting you dubiously. 

I know my country will be looted by its own people, all I care is that I do not want war unnecessarily, especially when an alternative is at hand.

We need to launch a war globally on terrorism. People in power need to sit across and talk sensibly to ensure that innocent lives are not lost. We must be careful of our fragile egos that are getting played and manipulated with loose talks of who outdid the other in surgical strikes. So, let’s get off our testosterone fuelled, hijacked brain and bruised ego, to take a moment to see how this fear of our national safety is manipulating us to manufacture hate and create unrest at a time when we need to simply come together as a nation and work towards building it. 

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