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Wellness Scheduling

P. A. Joseph P. A. Joseph
22 May 2023
Wellness is the well-being of the whole person taken as a whole. This enables me to reflect upon my own integral self.

Wellness scheduling is a very broad outline with lots of programs for health. First of all, we should have a desire and a plan for healthy living and concern to work out the schedule meant for the same. Wellness is the well-being of the whole person taken as a whole. This enables me to reflect upon my own integral self. I need a balanced mode of looking into myself: what am I, where am I, am I to achieve something in life, with whom am I to work out, and when have I to do it, etc. These are basic points or rather the pillars of my life and work. This enables me to have a critical and balanced look into myself, my state of mind,  my personal consciousness, and awareness of me. 

Further, I must be reasonable in my thinking, and I should be understood by my companions,  parents, spouse, siblings, etc.  There is no emotional factor in this. If these points are clear I am very happy with myself. I find help in mindfulness and joy in everything I encounter; I am happy for what I am, and I love my self. This makes me to enjoy a sense of ease, coolness, relief, having no tension, not having any over burden, and enjoying a sense of humor. In this atmosphere I am at home (home being the best physical and psychological space), and with my closest ones as mother and spouse. I am on the calm sea shore in the evening, enjoying the open sky and the cool breeze. 

This does not mean that I have no problems and painful moments. My health is not that good, it is up and down, problems of family issues, sometimes I face tensions on this issue, but I find reasons to accommodate myself for better relationship, the first step being self- acceptance, financial adjustments etc. I have to cut short expenses to tally with the family income, some loans to be repaid in installments, unexpected diseases of dear ones and connected issues of expenses, etc. 

In all these moments I see my issues, good and sometimes not so good, and I learn to adjust myself. My self-esteem gives me ample strength not to worsen the situation but for peaceful acceptance. I have to achieve wellness in all situations, and I should never give up on it. There is no compromise on that basic issue which I have made as my basic schedule. I must try to attain self-knowledge, acceptance, forgiveness, and self- esteem. This will further make me to erase all traces of ego-centered concerns. In any case I must be aware of my unique identity within the context of my inner circle -- people like family, friends etc. But my role is most important and that is reflected in my decisive role and power, keeping the openness to listen to see different views and sides. 

In my encounters I have to keep a balance of forgiving myself and others, but not sacrificing my overall vision, in the context of trying to accept third person’s views. Wellness demands happy relationship with the loved ones, learning from others but always being true to myself, finding a sense of joy and peace, and keep the balance to be within my wellness scheduling. 

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