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What a Vengeful God!

P. A. Chacko P. A. Chacko
05 Feb 2024
Israel's genocidal war against the Palestinian nation and its citizens has entered the fourth month. With the complicity

Israel's genocidal war against the Palestinian nation and its citizens has entered the fourth month. With the complicity, connivance and ammunition support of the Biden administration, Netanyahu is on an annihilation task. He projects and swears by his Abrahamic God, who is vengeful, cruel, retaliatory and merciless. Hence, to weaponise the Bible, he freely quotes it and equates the Palestinians with the Amalekites. He thinks that he is anointed by his Zionist God to pound, pulverise and annihilate the Palestinians. There are no signs of him heeding the warnings and resolutions of the international community.

The more the Palestinian blood he tastes, the more he wants. Already, the blood of twenty-five thousand Palestinian citizens cries out for justice. 70% of them are women and children. Thousands more are traceless or under the rubble. Many thousands are driven out like cattle.

Those who deny the Palestinians their right to exist as a nation are criminals and culprits. For the last 75 years, the Palestinians have been denied peaceful existence. Their land has been illegally occupied by Israeli settlers, aided and abetted by the Israeli army and blessed by Israeli governments. You grab my land and enter my home, pointing your bayonet at me, kill my children, demolish my house, make me homeless and vagrant, and you say you are attacking me in self-defence. Is there any trace of conscience in you? The God you swear by has no conscience because you say he has given you a free pass to kill your neighbours, grab their land and expand your kingdom. And, then, you declare that you are killing 'human animals' in self-defence. For your self-defence, you need 2,000-pound (about 900 kg) bombs from America.

The heart-searing statement of an American journalist in Gaza should melt even a heart of stone. "Children have been shot in other conflicts I have covered. But never before have I watched as soldiers enticed children like mice into a trap and murdered them for sport." says Christopher Hedges, an American journalist on assignment in Gaza. Now, judge for yourselves who are 'human animals'. Innocent Palestinians or Israeli soldiers and their bloodthirsty masters?

All along, Israeli politicians have treated Palestinians as subhuman, 'cockroaches', 'human animals', and so on. Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, 'the man responsible for translating Israel's declaration of war into an action plan,' stated: "We are fighting human animals, and we will act accordingly." So, his soldiers are strictly acting accordingly by hunting people like animals and finishing them off. In 1983, speaking at an Israeli parliament committee, former Israeli Army Chief-of-Staff, General Rafael Eitan, described Arabs as "drugged cockroaches in a bottle" (Ramzy Baroud in Middle East Monitor).

Racist and dehumanising terms have been attributed to Palestinians by Israel's political heads and rulers. For Golda Meir, "Palestinians did not exist." For Menachem Begin, Palestinians were "beasts walking on two legs." Eli Ben Dahan, the Israeli Orthodox rabbi and politician, stated: "Palestinians are like animals; they aren't human". It is not surprising that the animal sense of these politicians and leaders is making them treat others as subhuman beings worthy of elimination.

The news item from MEM reveals that US presidential hopeful Nikki Haley told Fox News on 10 October that the Hamas attack was not just on Israel but "is an attack on America". It was then that she made her sinister declaration while looking directly at the camera, "Netanyahu, finish them, finish them (…) finish them!" And, US Senator Lindsey Graham intoned: "We are in a religious war here. (…) Do whatever the hell you have to do. (..) Level the place." (Source: Middle East Monitor).

Hence, with Biden's diktat and his Senators' promptings, Netanyahu and his team are emboldened to do the 'finishing off' the Gaza civilian population and the 'levelling' thousands of homes, mosques, hospitals, churches, refugee camps and schools. Political observers point out that the headhunters and collaborators are authoring another atrocious Nakba.

Justice will be done if there is a God of Justice. That God will question the connivance of collaborating nations, USA, Britain, Germany, and others who openly or silently promote the genocidal war in Gaza and the West Bank. From the blood of Palestinian children will spring up the seeds of a new Palestinian state, vibrant and independent.

The golden calf of power and arrogance that Israel and its collaborators worship will fall to pieces and melt in the just anger of God. From the dust and ashes of the dead Palestinians will rise a nation vibrant and independent! A nation that will not let the power and arrogance of Israel go the wayward way.

The war criminals of today will one day be dumped into the dustbin of history alongside the likes of Hitler and other political perverts.

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