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Bid to Harvest Votes

Over 700 farmers laid their lives in protest against the three controversial farm laws enacted by the Narendra Modi government in 2020

Dr Suresh Mathew Dr Suresh Mathew
22 Nov 2021

Modi’s turnaround: A season of apologies

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s apology to the nation on the three farm bills was so convoluted that I needed to read it several times

A. J. Philip A. J. Philip
22 Nov 2021


The agitation will continue till the government prepares a roadmap for protesting farmers

Anju Grover Anju Grover
22 Nov 2021

We will NOT rest until our dream of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity is realised

Cedric Prakash Cedric Prakash
22 Nov 2021

Kangana Ranaut, with her Right Wing leanings, has denigrated one of the greatest and noblest movements in the history of the world

Ram Puniyani Ram Puniyani
22 Nov 2021

A recent RSS conclave held at Chitrakoot has reportedly discussed an India liberated from Muslims and Christians

Jacob Peenikaparambil Jacob Peenikaparambil
22 Nov 2021

‘May the Sun Shine in’ on Democracy

Little Sister Leelamma Little Sister Leelamma
22 Nov 2021

Stop Looking for Mistakes from the Past

Pachu Menon Pachu Menon
22 Nov 2021

His eyes brim with tears as he says in a hushed tone, “I am grateful...will always be, to God, who is giving me a roof over my head

Dr Bernard D’ Sami Dr Bernard D’ Sami
22 Nov 2021

Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity are in the forefront of treating the leprosy patients, and rehabilitating them

Justice (Retd) Aloysius S. Aguiar Justice (Retd) Aloysius S. Aguiar
22 Nov 2021

And as I hear that the Prime Minister has repealed the three farm laws

Robert Clements Robert Clements
22 Nov 2021