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A Veiled Threat

Muslim girls wear hijab or headscarf; Sikh boys don turban; Catholic nuns wear habit. One gets to see this diversity in dress in schools and colleges across the country.

Dr Suresh Mathew Dr Suresh Mathew
14 Feb 2022


We have to be wary of how religion and religious symbolism can be used to manipulate people in the lust for power

Cedric Prakash Cedric Prakash
14 Feb 2022


Hijabs and saffron scarves flutter in campuses in Karnataka and beyond

John Dayal John Dayal
14 Feb 2022

“The BJP has been trying to communalise U.P. elections”

Anju Grover Anju Grover
14 Feb 2022

If Gujarat was the laboratory of Hindutva in the north of the Vindhyas, it is now Karnataka which is the laboratory of Hindutva in the south of the Vindhyas.

A. J. Philip A. J. Philip
14 Feb 2022

The government which proclaims Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (save daughter, educate daughter) from every platform now stands exposed

M L Satyan M L Satyan
14 Feb 2022

The Sangh Parivar raises the issue for polarizing people between the Hindus on the one hand and Muslims and Christians on the other

Jacob Peenikaparambil Jacob Peenikaparambil
14 Feb 2022

We have two Indias, one of the rich and the other of the poor; one of the majority and another of the minority

Julian S Das Julian S Das
14 Feb 2022

When a nation develops intolerance, it becomes dictatorial. All dictators make use of ‘nationalism’ as a pretext to divide and rule

Patrick Crasta Patrick Crasta
14 Feb 2022

The Goan electorate has never had so much to choose from. But things are not as simple as we expected it should be

Pachu Menon Pachu Menon
14 Feb 2022

A brief look at the worsening unemployment situation in India

Peter Mundackal Peter Mundackal
14 Feb 2022

In the gigantic auditorium in Manila, in the Philippines, her voice richer than that of a nightingale filled the hall.

Robert Clements Robert Clements
14 Feb 2022