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Pope’s Prescription

As the world is beset with unprecedented crises on various fronts, Pope Francis has made a timely intervention with a powerful message.

Dr Suresh Mathew Dr Suresh Mathew
01 Nov 2021


Pope Francis has never been one to mince words. Ever since he assumed responsibility of the papacy, he has proved to be a world leader ‘par excellence’,

Cedric Prakash Cedric Prakash
01 Nov 2021


Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, said, “At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice, he is the worst”

A. J. Philip A. J. Philip
01 Nov 2021

Last week, the national capital witnessed two important events from the perspective of children. One, the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights

Jaswant Kaur Jaswant Kaur
01 Nov 2021

India’s rankings in religious freedom and human rights have been on a slippery slope since the ascension of the Hindu ‘nationalist’ regime of Narendra Modi in 2014.

Binoj Nair Binoj Nair
01 Nov 2021

As sectarian nationalism is becoming more assertive and strong, the religious minorities are being subjected to intimidation and violence on regular basis.

Ram Puniyani Ram Puniyani
01 Nov 2021

It is a colossal tragedy that the party which spearheaded our freedom struggle has now clearly prioritized family over nation

Mathew John Mathew John
01 Nov 2021

Day by day India is becoming a highly intolerant and hate-filled country because of the impunity with which the right wing groups spread fake news with hate messages,

Jacob Peenikaparambil Jacob Peenikaparambil
01 Nov 2021

What a silly question. It is just eleven kilometres from Jerusalem. There’s more to it than meets the eye though. There are just two references to Emmaus in the Bible

Chhotebhai Chhotebhai
01 Nov 2021

Last week Dhavani, a class 2 student, in her efforts to draw the attention of Karnataka Chief Minister of the pathetic condition of Bengaluru roads

Aarti Aarti
01 Nov 2021

Even as I’m thrilled that Tata’s has bought Air-India, I remember the service I received on the few occasions I flew business class

Robert Clements Robert Clements
01 Nov 2021