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Pope-Modi Meeting: Tree is known by its Fruits

The meeting between Pope Francis and Narendra Modi is a welcome step. The saying “It is better late than never” seems to be the spirit

Dr Suresh Mathew Dr Suresh Mathew
08 Nov 2021

Gifts Speak Volumes

On 31 October, I had the privilege of presiding over a virtual Memorial Mass for a relative Andrew Alvares, who died in Dubai a few days earlier.

Cedric Prakash Cedric Prakash
08 Nov 2021


The statements that came out of the RSS leaders, even while Prime Minister Modi was in Rome meeting Pope Francis, show little evidence of a toning down of the anti-Christian rhetoric

John Dayal John Dayal
08 Nov 2021

This meeting assumes a lot of significance since at this juncture religious, social, economic, political and constitutional freedom is battered.

Dr Prakash Louis Dr Prakash Louis
08 Nov 2021

Victory and defeat are two sides of the same coin. The truth is that the better team which plays better will win.

A. J. Philip A. J. Philip
08 Nov 2021

The ‘right to propagate’ expressly stated in Article 25 of the Constitution entails the right to conversion

Little Sister Leelamma Little Sister Leelamma
08 Nov 2021

Hindutva forces are going full steam in taking on Christians and their institutions

Manoj Varghese Manoj Varghese
08 Nov 2021

There is an urgent need to fix our healthcare system which indulges in unethical practices harming patients

Joseph Maliakan Joseph Maliakan
08 Nov 2021

Careful preservation and protection of our natural resources is a matter of utmost importance and one that cannot be marginalized any further.

Pachu Menon Pachu Menon
08 Nov 2021

A lot of hope has been placed on the ongoing UN Climate Change Conference 2021 (or COP26) at Glasgow, United Kingdom

Aarti Aarti
08 Nov 2021

The trolls of today are like worms from the woodwork! They roam the face of websites

Robert Clements Robert Clements
08 Nov 2021