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Justice Derailed

The day every Indian was beseeched to hold the Tricolour in hand and have national anthem on lips, Bilkis Bano sat in a remote place in Gujarat with her body going numb,

Dr Suresh Mathew Dr Suresh Mathew
22 Aug 2022

Injustice on I-Day : Bilkis Bano's Struggle Continues

Release of 11 convicts sentenced to life for the gang-rape of Bilkis and the murder of her family members during the 2002 Gujarat riots is a travesty of justice

Cedric Prakash Cedric Prakash
22 Aug 2022


In a shocking decision that is a grievous travesty of justice, the BJP government in Gujarat on Independence Day granted remission and released eleven convicts

Joseph Maliakan Joseph Maliakan
22 Aug 2022

In ordinary circumstances, Jawaharlal Nehru should have been the toast of the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign that concluded on Independence Day.

A. J. Philip A. J. Philip
22 Aug 2022

True patriotism is inculcating the message of the tricolour – sacrifice, peace and respect -- into our everyday lives

Chhotebhai Chhotebhai
22 Aug 2022

Right to profess, practice and propagate religion is a Constitutional right of every citizen; but it is more honoured in breech than in observance

Sacaria Joseph Sacaria Joseph
22 Aug 2022

The RTI Act, which empowers citizens to seek information on the functioning of governments and their agencies, has been greatly diluted by the present regime

Peter Mundackal Peter Mundackal
22 Aug 2022

The country continues to be a formal democracy, but critics say that it has become an ‘electoral autocracy’. The space for democratic institutions is shrinking.

Jacob Peenikaparambil Jacob Peenikaparambil
22 Aug 2022

When a person is 90 or above, an early part of life becomes history. I was born in 1929. World War II (1939-’45) started when I was 10,

N. Kunju N. Kunju
22 Aug 2022

No, not a coach to have taught Hitler to paint better, though I do believe if he’d had one to show him how to paint houses better,

Robert Clements Robert Clements
22 Aug 2022