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The Rich Get Booster Doses

“Robbing Peter for paying Paul” is a phrase used in the context of taking from one person and giving to another. The phrase is commonly heard while analyzing State or Central budgets

Dr Suresh Mathew Dr Suresh Mathew
08 Mar 2021

Prices Up, Across-the-Board : None owns the onus, previous Govts blamed

Milk Prices are likely to soar to unprecedented level. Owing to the rise in petrol and diesel prices, and in support of the farmers protest, our milk vendor from Gazipur area,

Manoj Varghese Manoj Varghese
08 Mar 2021


A homemaker in India doesn’t commute every day; so why should she be worried about the skyrocketing fuel prices?

IC Correspondent IC Correspondent
08 Mar 2021

The gravitational force of the earth is something without which we cannot live on this planet. Under the influence of the gravity, we are able to walk on the earth;

Adv. Jijo Thomas Placheril Adv. Jijo Thomas Placheril
08 Mar 2021

Will our billionaires bail out the government? Or Buy up the nation?

Archbp Thomas Menamparampil Archbp Thomas Menamparampil
08 Mar 2021

Eeda in colloquial Malayalam, used widely in Kannur district in northern Kerala, means “here”. It is the title of a recent Malayalam movie.

A. J. Philip A. J. Philip
08 Mar 2021

The Farmers’ agitation on the Delhi borders reached 100 days on 6th March. In a movement where millions of people are involved,

Dr Prakash Louis Dr Prakash Louis
08 Mar 2021

In a recent flurry of speeches, PM Narendra Modi flagged the dominant issues agitating the country, and pronounced his Government’s position on these critical matters.

Mathew John Mathew John
08 Mar 2021

It is averred that municipal councils and corporations need to be healthy and dynamic in order to effectively provide essential services to the people.

Pachu Menon Pachu Menon
08 Mar 2021

Lent is a significant time for all Christians irrespective of the Churches to which they belong. It is a season to observe and commemorate the passion,

Jacob Peenikaparambil Jacob Peenikaparambil
08 Mar 2021

The 11 years old girl overheard her parents discussing about giving her in marriage along with her 13 years old elder sister Babli.

F. M. Britto F. M. Britto
08 Mar 2021

The hair on the delicate hands of the milkmaid stood on end as she heard her cow moo. “What is it, dear cow,” she said, even as she continued milking, “What is it that troubles you?”

Robert Clements Robert Clements
08 Mar 2021